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Synonyms for Bach

German baroque organist and contrapuntist

the music of Bach

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lead a bachelor's existence


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How do you identify and trace food batches passing through your process?
Regarding this description, two important and distinct decisions, but dependent, made on BPM problems are: first, grouping jobs into batches, and second, scheduling the batches to improve a performance measure.
Evira said salmonella was detected in 11 samples of feed material batches delivered to Finland and in market surveillance samples taken from pet feeds.
Regarding integrated controls packages, many PC based control systems available today offer materials management, recipe handling, mixer and downstream procedure handling, scaling of batches to suit mixers of differing sizes, lot traceability, auditable reporting systems and improved batch-to-batch consistency.
The team prepared additional batches at different volumes (but maintaining the coffee-to-water ratio) and using different concentrations of coffee to produce stronger brews.
When either variable becomes unstable, as both did between batches 20-30, the compactability is disrupted.
Experimentally stir-fried lean ground beef lost about 18 percent of its cholesterol, whereas oil-fried batches lost 39 to 49 percent of their cholesterol, report the Boston University researchers, who drained and rinsed both batches identically.
Subsequently, all other Nourishing Night Cream batches have been batch-tested and are free from any contamination.
Total quantity or scope: This provision is divided into 660 batches whose characteristics are given in the catalog of requirements, attached to this consultation document.
How much effect do you think the humidity and temperature have on the consistency of the batches you produce?
lower in-process inventory of castings - elimination of batches of castings at each operation;
Simply put, CNG-BATCH allows users to scan documents in batches and file them in the appropriate cabinet folders using existing indexing templates.
Integrated modular small chemical weighing systems from the company are said to meet the diverse environmental and output requirements for the precise, dust-free weighing of micro batches of powders, prills, pastilles, pellets and granules.
Mixing station is mounted on the machine throat, making batches of material independently of machine.
These batches can then be scheduled to run automatically based on day of week and time of day parameters.