batch processing

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the serial execution of computer programs

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Operation: The software supports both interactive and batch processing.
Many commercial organizations are looking for a heterogeneous batch processing and network load balancing solution," said Slone.
ActiveBatch ensures proper scheduling, execution, and reporting of virtually any kind of batch processing operation," Manias said.
We can now maintain our customer database and generate timely operational and financial reports immediately without having to wait for our nightly batch processing to complete.
As the technology leader in job scheduling and batch processing, we are committed to providing our customers with necessary tools for enterprise-wide process integration," said Loehr.
Companies can employ the batch processing mode to correct, standardize and verify existing data and use the real-time or on-demand capabilities to enforce the same business rules for data quality on an ongoing basis.
A batch processing machine (BPM) is one in which can simultaneously process several jobs in a batch.
For this reason, it made sense to invest in this new small batch processing operation in Little Rock.
As an alternative, tax departments increasingly are able to use their existing enterprise reporting package (ERP) accounting systems to automate use tax compliance through batch processing.
Keyhole is hosting a free Spring Batch Breakfast Boost event to educate the public on how batch processing programs are implemented with the Spring Batch framework.
New Version of Exclusive Production Tool Provides 10 New Batch Processing Features, Hands-free Media Card Process and Workflow Enhancements to Automate Production Pipelines
MegaBRIDGE is an all-in-one EDI software package with both the functions of batch processing 'Legacy-EDI' and file transfer processing 'Web EDI' included.
Part of the unified PGP Universal[TM] Encryption Platform, PGP Command Line takes advantage of its integrated management and security policies, allowing businesses to easily integrate encryption into batch processing, network transfers, and backup processes.