batch processing

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the serial execution of computer programs

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Since the flow shop scheduling in known to be a NP-Hard problem, the flow shop batch processing is also NP-Hard.
A key to enabling batch processing of use taxes is to modify the AP process so that AP personnel separately enter the sales or use tax paid to vendors as part of the invoice processing system on accounts that typically are associated with use tax liabilities.
A collaboration between Accenture and Spring Source, the Spring Batch framework has been designed to enable Java developers to process extremely large data sets with proven batch processing patterns using object oriented programming and the Spring framework.
Additionally, the temperature profile was also reduced to more closely approximate batch processing.
Best features: Ease of use for both interactive and batch processing, early release dates, speed, technical support, verification of input, printing options, fast and easy electronic filing, fixed assets and depreciation module.
Developed jointly by Accenture and SpringSource, a leading provider of open source software, the new Spring Batch framework enables large organizations to use open source software to develop customized applications essential to their daily operations for batch processing, reducing development time and costs.
Archive almost 50% of the application database, resulting in shorter batch processing and maintenance windows, and significant improvements in performance and availability
explained how batch processing and grinding automation techniques installed at Grede have aided productivity.
This feature is said to make this high pressure pump ideal for fast changeover on chemical injection, varying ingredient lines, short run batch processing systems and other applications, as well as sterile filtration and lab uses where the medium needs to contact only the tubing, never any moving parts.
When working on financial statements, 5% worked interactively, 27% manually, 19% in batch mode and only 1% mixed interactive and batch processing.
This product provides an easy way to monitor all the necessary parameters for achieving a complete and efficient installation in a batch processing application, for example, or to integrate exterior temperature sensing into a transformer hot-spot monitoring system.
For instance, you may have high-volume OLTP processes running from 8 to 5, and huge batch processing in the evening.