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the serial execution of computer programs

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The integrated scheduling solution has enabled the company to quadruple its complex batch environment while reducing costs.
This latest release will provide significant new features that include a command line interface, which enables users to do content analysis of data in a batch environment, freeing the user from the client desktop while processes are executing.
A typical batch environment runs 24 hours a day seven days a week and involves huge amounts of data critical to multiple parts of the business.
In order to successfully meet its SLAs, CARFAX implemented BMC CONTROL-M, a solution that addresses the complexities of the growing batch environment with Workload Lifecycle Management, providing end-to-end change and version control across multiple environments and platforms.
Having Duck Creek as a key component in our core systems has enabled us to rate up to 160 policies per second in a batch environment.
Today's batch environment is more complex than ever as jobs are increasingly integrated with business services and online processing.
Add script-free development and central visibility and you've got an agile batch environment that's ready to meet dynamic business needs.
moving from a batch environment to a more integrated online environment.
By optimizing the batch environment, CONTROL-M/WorkLoad decreases the batch window and allows users to process increased workloads without requiring additional hardware.