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an instrument that performs analyses


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Batch Analyzer, which summarizes batch jobs and programs and identifies DB2 contention problems
We'd reached the point where our TDM, CK-MB, and immunology volumes required almost nonstop use of several batch analyzers.
Which of our chemistry instruments --a discrete test-pack analyzer, a wet chemistry batch analyzer, or a centrifugal batch analyzer--can perform high-volume tests like magnesium, iron, TIBC, theophylline, and acid phosphatase in the most cost-effective manner?
Our search narrowed the field to three instruments, each with specific technological advantages of its own: 1) a dedicated fluorescence polarization immunoassay (FPIA) batch analyzer, 2) a random access multitest analyzer, and 3) a wet chemistry/TDM/toxicology batch analyzer.
First, we had to maximize the volume of testing performed on the evening and night shifts, and second, we had to shift some assays from batch analyzers to random-access analyzers.