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an instrument that performs analyses


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Batch Analyzer, which summarizes batch jobs and programs and identifies DB2 contention problems
We considered adding another batch analyzer and a technologist to handle the increased testing.
To illustrate the discounted cash flow process, let's say we are considering replacement of our chemistry batch analyzer, purchased five years ago, with a state-of-the art analyzer that also has a useful life of five years.
Which of our chemistry instruments --a discrete test-pack analyzer, a wet chemistry batch analyzer, or a centrifugal batch analyzer--can perform high-volume tests like magnesium, iron, TIBC, theophylline, and acid phosphatase in the most cost-effective manner?
Our search narrowed the field to three instruments, each with specific technological advantages of its own: 1) a dedicated fluorescence polarization immunoassay (FPIA) batch analyzer, 2) a random access multitest analyzer, and 3) a wet chemistry/TDM/toxicology batch analyzer.