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Synonyms for batch

Synonyms for batch

a number of individuals making up or considered a unit

Synonyms for batch

all the loaves of bread baked at the same time

a collection of things or persons to be handled together

batch together

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Onnie Martin and Rolly Trinidad hosted the entertainment, showcasing batch talent-Marissa Alejandro, John Gomez, Mon Ramos and Randy Estrellado.
Jobs cannot be added to or removed from a batch once processing has started.
Besides, context is also being added to data within the batch system, which would facilitate system designers to associate a material setpoint with the actual amount delivered.
New to Colortronic are CSG gravimetric slide-gate batch blenders with diamond slide gates and Mitsubishi PLC/touchscreen controls.
There is no doubt that batch applications applied from the inside of the fabric as well as prior to a fabric roll and the uhle boxes is the most cost effective; however, the step change to fabric permeabilities is sometimes significant to operational factors, and most machines are unable to do this on the run.
CONTROL-M allows ATPCO to manage critical batch processes across both their mainframe and distributed systems.
Batch couldn't get Detroit into the end zone, so the Lions had to settle for a pair of field goals and a 6-3 halftime lead.
Each batch of water was delivered to the muller in 75 sec, which resulted in a dirty muller bowl and increased wear rate.
Operation: Master Tax supports both batch and interactive modes.
On December 3, 2016, the batch joins other jubilarians at Tatak Asul, the Ateneo de Manila Grand Alumni Homecoming.
Keyhole is hosting a free Spring Batch Breakfast Boost event to educate the public on how batch processing programs are implemented with the Spring Batch framework.
Many life sciences facilities will also include other applications, such as batch control software in a PAT deployment.
The batch mixer was designed to combine a number of raw materials to produce an intermediate composite.
Electrically heated, agitated vacuum/pressure tanks for batch heating, degassing, and mixing in sizes from 2 to 75 gal.