sweet potato

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pantropical vine widely cultivated in several varieties for its large sweet tuberous root with orange flesh

the edible tuberous root of the sweet potato vine which is grown widely in warm regions of the United States

egg-shaped terra cotta wind instrument with a mouthpiece and finger holes


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The workshops were followed by a panel discussion where EGM Retail and Consumer Banking at Commercialbank Dean Proctor, James Callahan, Associate Director of SME Programmes at Silatech Shareef Mostafa Batata and Qatari writer and entrepreneur Maryam al-Subaiey shared their personal journey in a pursuit of leadership.
Alem disso, sao distribuidos outros produtos do ramo alimenticio como batata pre-cozida congelada, legumes, embutidos, pescados, pratos prontos e massas.
The company's broad product line--which in addition to Rasmalai includes Mango Kulfi ice cream and Pinni (a flour and nut-based confection) desserts, as well as vegetarian Paneer Poppers and Batata Wada coated potato appetizers--is widely distributed through ethnic Indian grocery outlets, major supermarket chains and club stores in North America.
I ate loads of fried stuff such as samosas, batata vada after 15 years and put on weight.
Para lograr que esta eleccion sea viable, incluso para grandes productores de cerdos, se deben implantar politicas agrarias que incentiven la produccion local de materias primas no tradicionales en alimentacion animal, como mandioca, batata, algunas leguminosas, caria de azucar y otras.
The crop chapters discuss banana and plantain; barley; canola and oilseed rape; cassava, manioc, and yucca; chickpea; common bean; cotton; cowpea; finger millet; maize and corn; oat; peanut and groundnut; pearl millet; pigeonpea; potato; rice; sorghum; soybean; sweet potato, batata, and camote; and wheat and bread wheat.
Item Description Quantity (mg) Batata Wada Popular potato-based street food 6 sm.
Many Brazilian authors, such as Lima (2004), who criticize conventional economical-development models in the name of a more social-based management of the environment; and Batata and Siqueira (2006), as using social-constructivist management to apprise public policy on environmental issues, have developed important critical contributions focusing on the inconsistency of biased economical approaches to the environment, and this could be an interesting direction for future work on this theme.
At other times our Sunday dinner could be made from a selection of foods such as hummus bi-tahini, a rich chickpea appetizer; baba ghanouj, an eggplant appetizer; batata wa sumaq, potato and sumac appetizer; mujaddara, a lentil delight; stuffed vegetables; all types of Middle Eastern salads and soups, as well as cheese, meat and vegetable pies.
Dangoswch lond bwrdd o Madurai Cyw Iar, Mahratta Cig Eidion Cymreig, Bunha Gosht Cig Oen, Matar Batata Kari Vindaloo neu Shikhampuri Kabab i mi.
The words butta, 'inbata'a, balaka, batata, batata, and sabala, which all express the basic notion 'to cut, separate, to be isolated', can therefore be derived from a single etymon {b.