bat mitzvah

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(Judaism) an initiation ceremony marking the 12th birthday of a Jewish girl and signifying the beginning of religious responsibility

confirm in the bat mitzvah ceremony, of girls in the Jewish faith

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Uzan was standing guard outside the building where 80 Jews, mostly teenagers, were celebrating the Bat Mitzvah of Hannah Bentow.
The 2013 Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah Trends Report is also an in invaluable resource for planning these memorable celebrations.
We asked the Rabbi what exactly was needed for her to actually become a Bat Mitzvah.
But when David Buddemeyer of Driftwood Hospitality Management took over receivership of the hotel on behalf of the mortgage holder, Wells Fargo, in November, the couple decided to move ahead in scheduling Miriam's bat mitzvah for June 13 at the hotel.
And one other thing made it different from the usual bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah classes.
In the Jewish religion, a bat mitzvah (of bar mitzvah for boys) is a special ceremony that marks a young woman's passage into adulthood, while reaffirming her faith.
But when her mother found Rabbi Jamie Korngold (aka the "Adventure Rabbi"), who agreed to perform Hannah's bat mitzvah on a Colorado mountain, Hannah knew she would find the spiritual meaning she was looking for.
She's gorgeous - which gives the Bat Mitzvah an added dimension for the lads who are both desperate to impress her.
Rabbi Kaplan helped create the modern bat mitzvah ceremony for 13-year-old girls in 1922, and the movement accepted women as rabbis from the opening of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in 1968.
On a recent weekend Sharon Kleinbaum performed a dual bat mitzvah for a pair of twins born on the same day she was named the first rabbi of the New York City-based Congregation Beth Simchat Torah.
Wendy Fletcher-Marsh, dean of the Vancouver School of Theology, recalls the time her family was heading for the country club reception that followed the bat mitzvah of a Jewish friend of her daughter's.
On one wall is a framed needle point of the word SHALOM made twenty-five years ago, framed photographs of Susan as chair of the UJA Women's division, bubbe and zayde dolls, over a dozen Jewish cookbooks, a refrigerator magneted with bar and bat mitzvah invitations and photographs of a nephew's recent bar mitzvah, a synagogue calendar and directory, and more tzedaka boxes.
An item about a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, bat mitzvah in the Toronto Globe and Mail: "A thirteen-year-old girl `obsessed' with the movie Titanic got the bat mitzvah of her dreams when a Pittsburgh hotel ballroom was transformed into the luxury liner, with four-metre steaming smokestacks at the buffet table, and phosphorescent artificial icebergs.
I'm the only girl in the family, so my bat mitzvah will be the first and the last.
Stone's musical charisma erupted early in life when he "took over" the band at his older sister's bat mitzvah.