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(baseball) a boy who takes care of bats and other baseball equipment

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Delighted mum Trudie Graham, 44, a social care worker, said: "It's like Ruben is a bat boy.
And the message clearly resonated with their bat boy.
I was the Giants bat boy for three years, and then in 1961 when the trainer Red Adams passed away I moved over to the visitors' clubhouse as the assistant equipment manager.
The feline, named as Ugly Bat Boy, is bald all over and only has a clump of fur around his neck, and he has managed to attract a huge number of tourists, who visit him at the vet's where he lives.
A New York investors group calling itself Bat Boy LLC has bought the one-time supermarket tabloid Weekly World News from American Media Operations Inc.
They were part of a 51-strong troupe putting on the musical Bat Boy in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
Here, in 1960, Matt is now the bat boy for the Yankees, and he not only tries to warn Kubek about his upcoming injury but attempts to "modify" something that in reality has already happened--he removes a rock from the infield, the rock that might be/have been responsible for the bad hop.
And the award goes to: Todd Lindamood for the Manatee Players' "unbelievable" Bat Boy.
WIDNES amateur actor Kenneth McConaghy goes on stage tonight in Bat Boy the Musi-cal in the West End.
The former pupil at Radyr Comprehensive School, Stanwell School and Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama old boy will play three different roles in Bat Boy The Musical, which opens tomorrow night.
I'd never follow Bat Boy and enlist, though I may tell the CIA
Let's give them Bat Boy, a musical about a creature who lives in a cave and craves a very literal recipe for a Bloody Mary.
That's the supermarket tabloid that in the past has trumpeted the news that "Elvis is Alive" and covered the discovery of the half-boy, half-bat creature known only as Bat Boy.
This wonderful addition to the My Name is America series follows the journal of a young bat boy for one of the best teams in the Negro Leagues, the Birmingham Black Barons, and takes young readers on a historical journey through his daily life during one of the most pivotal periods in American history.
Grant and including a bat boy (Rollo Weeks) who makes friends with Tony.