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Synonyms for bastioned

secured with bastions or fortifications


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The authors relate the very human cost in terms of expense and changes in urban government that disrupted the lives of many city dwellers in early modern Europe as bastioned fortifications began to be built.
Professor Turnbull believes that the birth of bastioned walls was a consequence of the 1494 French invasion of Italy, quoting Francesco Guicciardini to buttress this argument.
Among the recorded historical and archaeological traces there are many moated sites and several post-medieval French and Spanish fortifications like forts and bastioned town walls.
But the supreme stroke of Italian genius was the revolutionary design innovation known as the bastioned trace, which dictated a star-shaped or polygonal form for the fortress, and outworks projecting from the shielding wall that would provide artillery positions capable of flanking fire without "dead spots.
Only when a bastioned stockade at Point Siguenza on Santa Rosa Island at the mouth of the Bay had been built did he feel that he had done his duty to Spain and secured the colony against any intrusions by the French and British,