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Synonyms for bastion

Synonyms for bastion

a group that defends a principle

a stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle

projecting part of a rampart or other fortification

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It was not know whether, after the taking of the bastion, the Rochellais had evacuated it or left a garrison in it; the object then was to examine the place near enough to verify the reports.
They arrived thus, screened by the lining of the trench, till they came within a hundred paces of the bastion.
They knew all they wished to know; the bastion was guarded.
The young man turned quickly round, for this attack could not have come from the bastion, which was hidden by the angle of the trench.
As the Rochellais who guarded the bastion were ignorant of the intentions of the man they saw coming toward them, they fired upon him, and he fell, struck by a ball which broke his shoulder.
Without waiting for an answer from either, the young man threw himself down the grassy steps of the bastion, and moving rapidly across the parade, he was quickly in the presence of their father.
It was in the afternoon of the fifth day of the siege, and the fourth of his own service in it, that Major Heyward profited by a parley that had just been beaten, by repairing to the ramparts of one of the water bastions, to breathe the cool air from the lake, and to take a survey of the progress of the siege.
captain," replied the latter, "I do not tell you that they have not with them two or three men, as the musketeers of the Bastion Saint- Gervais had two or three lackeys; but, believe me, captain, I have seen these men, I have been taken prisoner by them - I know they themselves alone are all-sufficient to destroy an army.
They had a low and unassuming aspect from this upland, though as approached on the other side from Blackmoor in her childhood they were as lofty bastions against the sky.
In front of the table benches arranged in zigzag form, like the circumvallations of a retrenchment, formed a succession of bastions and curtains set apart for the use of the members of the club; and on this especial evening one might say, "All the world was on the ramparts.
Huddersfield Town has renewed its commercial partnership with buy-to-let property specialist Bastion Estates.
The Bastion and Thieves' Pot, the historic jail located within the Thistles in Stirling, has reopened following a number of improvements and restoration.
This includes manufacture, Delivery and assembly of: - steel structures for suspension of strains - steel constructions to the sky staircase - steel structures for covering platform platform, Bastion and block building - steel constructions for garden at launch platform - steel constructions for the bastion staircase - originates - completing work for the sky staircase - facade and completion work for launch platform - facade and completion work for the bastion - trees for garden at launch platform.
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Monday blasted his colleagues in the Senate for being lapdogs of President Duterte, turning the institution as the 'last bastion of democracy' to merely 'puppets' of the administration.
These are elements which appear on both sides of the divide: beautiful and concrete," she adds, indicating how the ubiquitous wrought ironwork of a traditional city door has been translated into the mandala of the Mula bastion, and how the intricacies of the time-honoured Cypriot floor tile are referenced in that of the Podocatoro bastion.