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Synonyms for bastinado

a cudgel used to give someone a beating on the soles of the feet

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a form of torture in which the soles of the feet are beaten with whips or cudgels


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beat somebody on the soles of the feet

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Ejected from York and driven out of Lincoln, imprisoned for twenty days in Hampshire, bastinadoed, chained in Hertfordshire "in a sincke hole of a seller," where he was beaten, and "his eies were fallen downe, and his tongue thrust out of his head, so as he could not pull it in againe one Barley cornes breadth," thrown into Northampton jail for seventeen weeks, Hacket had doggedly persevered in apocalyptic preachings, sustained throughout by heavenly visions.
Many of the inhabitants were viciously tortured, bastinadoed, burned or crushed in presses, and many were enslaved.
Hill will regale readers with burlesque nationalist accounts, such as that of the hale and hearty Jack Tar who manages to have sex with the women in a harem for ten days before he is discovered and flees, whereas the sexually more sophisticated French Ambassador's secretary is apprehended and severely bastinadoed - whipped on the soles of his feet - for attempting a similar libertine escapade (112-15).