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Synonyms for bastardy

the condition of being of illegitimate birth


Synonyms for bastardy

the status of being born to parents who were not married

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that "the psychological effect of the stigma of bastardy upon its
This statement could be read as dicta, since the court's holding rested on its determination that a statutory privilege against testifying granted to defendants in bastardy proceedings violated both the United States and Tennessee Constitutions.
The remaining records are set to go live over the coming months, along with cemetery registers, wills, rate books, settlement examinations, workhouse admission and discharge books, bastardy, orphan and apprentice records and charity documents.
1939: The Bastardy Bill made blood tests compulsory in paternity cases.
When Walter grew up he then killed a man who taunted him with bastardy, fleeing Wales for Scotland where he rose to become Lord Steward of Scotland under King Edgar, a title from which the surname Stuart derived.
The motif of bastardy, the contamination inherent in the hybridity enacted through education, cannot be overemphasised in relation to Sam's behaviour, his search for extrication from its cause and the sense of total betrayal that he parades.
Bastardy and Its Comparative History: Studies in the History of Illegitimacy and Marital Non-Conformism in Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Jamaica and Japan (London, 1980); Ann-Sofie Ohlander, "Hotet mot familjen: Den ogifta modern i Sverige i historiskt perspektiv," Historisk Tidskrift 98 (1978), 83-101.
Common law in the American colonies incorporated many provisions of the English law of bastardy but gradually modified them during the nineteenth and especially the twentieth centuries.
371) This, together with the court's circumspect reference to "religious differences," suggests that Braune's counsel was determined to hammer home to the jury that Dale was a Jew who had changed his name, and so inflame any open or latent anti-Semitism jurors might harbor and add interfaith miscegenation to an already scandalous (for the times) story involving forbidden extramarital sex and cohabitation, bastardy, abortion, and attempted suicide.
She was reviled for her sins--a dispatch from London to an American paper read, "It is a case of glaring, flagrant harlotry and bastardy, taken into the pure homes of English wives and daughters, and condoned by the men because she is so beautiful, so fascinating.
Bastardy, impotence, lack of physical strength in a physical world.
Nausea opens with a series of these illness-inducing discoveries by means of which the protagonist is confronted with bastardy and the overwhelming absurdity of being.
He describes the modus operandi: "first, deflect their attention from the past and focus it on the future; second, sensitize them to the bastardy of other traditions and convince them of the purity of their own; third, demonstrate a divergence in the common and civil law solutions to a problem wherever possible; and fourth, emphasize the hierarchy of sources" (David Howes, "From Polyjurality to Monojurality: The Transformation of Quebec Law, 1875-1929" (1987) 32 McGill L.
They are found in the Warwickshire Poor Law Index containing 35,000 names covering apprenticeship indentures, bastardy orders, settlement and removal papers.
Michel Contat and Michel Rybalka go as far as to say that this play, with its themes of bastardy, "loser wins" the search for the absolute in Evil, and self-conquest, is "a dramatic illustration" of Saint Genet.