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Synonyms for bastard

Synonyms for bastard

born to parents who are not married to each other

Synonyms for bastard

the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents

derogatory term for a variation that is not genuine


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Indeed, Professor Witte mentions in the introduction to this book his own perplexity and discomfort when as a youth he witnessed the public expulsion of an unwed mother and her bastard child from a Christian congregation to which he belonged.
Mike Dermody, purchasing manager at the ten-unit Flat Top Grill chain, is currently serving Fat Bastard Merlot, along with fun-titled wines like Jackaroo Big Red and Jindalee Shiraz.
But balancing these are instances of bastards denied recognition and inheritance.
We set out to get the murdering bastards and became murdering bastards ourselves.
The Spanish legal system evidenced more flexibility than the English, where the general rule was born a bastard always a bastard.
While there may not have been any more Bastard's officially picked for England - a number of people with a striking resemblance to the Bastards have made the team since.
In most of what I've read, the implication is clear: His glorious music proves that there's something redeemable in rich white bastards, a contention with which I take serious issue.
It's a violent society, and the only way to make it better isn't to improve our practices, but to lock these bastards up
World Premiere Set for Greedy Lying Bastards at the United Nations Association Film Festival on October 19th in Palo Alto
From real-life examples of people in the public-eye, readers will learn what to do more of and how to defend themselves against bastards working against them.
All these skinny-skinny, tight-pants wearing bastards everywhere.
The change is being called for by the Good Bastards Group which is based on the West Coast of New Zealand who already have their own beer label.
Mariotro had resented this liaison, and his father's favoring of the bastards, but, seemingly, was eventually provoked by Fabrizio's public behavior to defend his father's honor, after warning Fabrizio to leave Chiara alone.