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Synonyms for bastardly

born out of wedlock

of no value or worth


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What is also important to note is that once again, Tom's bastardly shadow propels the plot and Tom, himself forward, without Tom's consent or participation.
When he arrived, she said, "Do you think Broadway, this bastardly place, will buy this lovely, delicate, fragile little thing?
Edward Carpenter has proposed to remedy its bastardly linguistic character by transforming it into "homogenic;" this, however, might mean not only "toward the same sex," but "of the same kind," and in German already possesses actually that meaning).
To Gheorghe Grigurcu, for example, postmodernism was a bastardly and "immodest" trend, especially in its programmatic manifestations (6-7).
The dead, spray-painted grass was atrocious--a bastardly approximation of the beauty we had lost.