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Synonyms for bastardize

Synonyms for bastardize

Synonyms for bastardize

change something so that its value declines

declare a child to be illegitimate


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The Foreign Minister also called for caution against colonial powers' scheme to bastardize cooperation between developing countries and stunt their development.
However, it does mention that pseudo-Christians will make merchandise of Jesus, and will bastardize Christianity (2 Peter 2:1-3).
To bastardize the prophetess Rihanna, I found Zen in a chaotic place.
In the art and collectibles auction business, credibility and reputation are key; and for as long as the practices mentioned in Caruncho's article continue, Salcedo Auctions shall remain vigilant against those who seek to bastardize the auction process-looking after the public interest to deserve its trust.
He said it would bastardize the budget system, where the executive proposes, while the legislature examines prior to approval.