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declaring or rendering bastard

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an act that debases or corrupts

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Working in both portraiture and landscape, Wulff often composites the two, frequently with a liberal admixture of abstraction and a seemingly willed bastardization of motley art-historical invocations.
The document is full of racist and sexist references, and dismisses bastardization as 'simply character building'.
This unique bastardization of the pop mentality is what helps give Xiu Xiu their creative sonic edge.
Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and Nipsey Russell make for a triple threat of overacting and bad costumes in this Harlem-set bastardization of 'The Wizard of Oz,'" wrote (http://www.
The single origin folks scoff at blenders as they see this as a bastardization of quality and the abandonment of the awareness they helped create; while the blenders think the single origin people are behind the times and missing out on some great coffee experiences.
I have become very impatient with the bastardization of concepts that comes with popularization.
Voor Breytenbach is het Afrikaans "the dimension, the horizon, both the praxis and the product of consciousness" (Dog Heart, 183) en is het uiteindelijk een taal die de herconceptualisering van zowel zijn eigen identiteit, als die van de Afrikaner mogelijk maakt: "I may add that our specific language, Afrikaans, is the visible history and the on-going process not only of bastardization, but also of metamorphosis.
The hummus in Jaffa is very different than that of Haifa, Acre, Jerusalem or the Galilee," he says, but none is a bastardization of one traditional recipe.
Martin Luther King, and, yet, we would argue that such observances are a kind of bastardization of multicultural education.
I can rant about the bastardization of proper writing in an age of texting and Twitter.
Professor Vego starts with an encouraging premise: that the bastardization of the systems disciplines by the U.
Considering all the other top-notch athletes who Shaquille O'Neal duped into a pseudo competi- tion for further reality TV show bastardization, why not propose a contest with Lisa Leslie for a best-of-two free-throw shootout?
The Dutch brought "koetje" recipes with them, the so-called "little cakes" were so popular with the first settlers that the English bastardization of "koetje" cookie, became the standard name in the United States.