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Synonyms for bastardize

Synonyms for bastardize

Synonyms for bastardize

change something so that its value declines

declare a child to be illegitimate


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I didn't know who to feel sorry for most; the young lady, apparently Catherine Tate who was bastardising her talents in performing such filth or the rows of morons in the audience in the audience who were screaming their heads off at every utterance.
First: The reason we think he's an idiot isn't because of the TV ads, but because he insists on bastardising the English language with words like "pukka" and acting out the irritating stereotype of swaggering, East End cheeky chappie.
Instead of regimenting Swiss producers, the Fribourg Cheese Popes should instead prevent Italians from producing substandard imitation "Gruviera" and bastardising the wonderful Swiss cheese reputation.
We're sick of people bastardising our culture, and we have a way of dealing with them.
Designers should be as ashamed as the executives of the Football Association for bastardising our patriotic inheritance.