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deriving from more than one source or style

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WHENEVER a long established sport like golf is bastardised, the immediate tendency is to be sceptical about the new version's potential appeal.
There have been complaints that the programme uses a bastardised version of the English language, but surely children are able to distinguish between speaking properly, as they do at school and home and a little mouse who insists "me tink me know who de t'ieving mouse may be".
Now, once again, change has bastardised tradition through meddling with a rock-solid structure.
Does the panel think that the "BBC" should use the bastardised English place names in Wales?
Now, as we all know, over the years the word gay has been usurped and bastardised to give it a meaning it never did have.
One of the most striking freedoms independence would give to individuals, would be the right to call themselves Welsh abroad, to be Welsh passport holders and not to have to hide their true nationality behind a bastardised, concocted one.
They've been up to their knees in Fenian blood as long as I can remember, the Pope and the Vatican have been bastardised into their club anthem just as long.
We have bastardised the whole piece but we have also kept its truth, which is a comment a lot of people have made to us.
THE decision by Network Rail to take maintenance contracts away from private firms highlights the madness of bastardised privatisations.
And if the bastardised English words are not making people laugh, they're making them cringe instead.
This would not be so bad were the results confined to this suburban development but, as mentioned above, a bastardised version of the Duchy development's style has gained a stranglehold on local authority thinking and is affecting planning decisions elsewhere.
The first set was a thing of beauty, the best to have graced this tournament at this stage for many a year, due completely to the fact it was free from the Bollettieristyle, one-dimensional, slugging, grunting, forehandoriented tennis that has bastardised the women's game.
Had he been, had he known in full about the general dangers of taking ecstasy, about the perils of it being bastardised by other substances and how different types affect different people in different ways then the chances are he would have made a different choice.
The movement's blog was more honest about its ideology, claiming that illegal immigration diluted the racial identity of the Greek community, turning it into "a bastardised, multi-cultural mass without a national conscience.
Our argument is simple: What's the fun in eating butchered, bastardised food when you could be enjoying the real thing?