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Synonyms for bastardise

change something so that its value declines

declare a child to be illegitimate


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No English person in Wales can be heard to say that they have had their " birthday in Hydref" or I paid "Saith deg ceiniog in Dinbych" but it's all right for the "Welsh language act" to be used and abused to bastardise the Welsh and their language.
We're not here to bastardise my father's image, slap it on here, slap it on there," Contactmusic quoted him as saying.
It is a shame that we have to bastardise the word 'politics"' - Actor Sean Penn talking about the US presidential elections after referring to President Bush
In an ideal world we would get down to 14 championship games but not bastardise the programme," he said.
The BHA seems beholden to the big bookmakers and is prepared to bastardise the whole sport with far too much low-grade fare and seemingly endless all-weather racing.