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Synonyms for bastard

Synonyms for bastard

born to parents who are not married to each other

Synonyms for bastard

the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents

derogatory term for a variation that is not genuine


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That was his first and only cap and at the end of the day he was a sad Bastard as the Scots ran out winners, 5-4.
We brought Fat Bastard on because we decided to take part in a breast cancer support program that they were promoting.
A BASTARD OF A PLAY Shane Attwool, Karin Diamond, Adam Randall and James Coombes, the cast of Dic Edward's new play Franco's Bastard.
At that moment it was rammed home to me that this hard bastard was so charged up that he would kill this poor wretch right in front of me if I didn't do something quickly.
Even though they tar you with a brush and say you're a set of bastards, they have to actually tone down what they are doing.
Fat Bastard is one of a range of wacky-name products on sale at the chain.
If both plays rearrange history around Arthur, both also add a major character almost entirely without historical basis: the Bastard Faulconbridge, illegitimate son of Richard Coeur de Lion.
I'm afraid our Secretary of Justice is such a lying bastard, a despicable lying bastard.
According to the recent news, "The Bastard Executioner" might be filmed at Swansea, Wales as the medieval show features a knight with a vendetta.
Plantlife Cymru has launched widespread conservation work across Pembrokeshire, Monmouthshire and Montgomeryshire in an attempt to stop the "dramatic decline" of the bastard balm flower and the equally-endangered spreading bellflower.
Genetic and linguistic research by author John McWhorter adds to a fine survey of the history of English in OUR MAGNIFICENT BASTARD TONGUE: THE UNTOLD HISTORY OF ENGLISH.
Anyone is a potential bastard, / but the real bastard knows nothing, / and will use this against you / like a mallet: he will slap your head.
Each year some unfortunate bastard is chosen to coordinate our participation in the annual gay pride parade in West Hollywood.
of San Marcos, CA, have now released the 2002 edition of their potent Double Bastard Ale in 22-ounce and three liter bottles.