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strong woody fibers obtained especially from the phloem of from various plants


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The fiber from bast fiber crops comes particularly from the stem phloem tissues, constituting a ring of fibrous material just under the outer surface of the stem (Figs.
Kenaf yields two raw materials and the outer bast fibers have many textile applications, both woven and nonwoven," says Galvin.
The basic materials of wood shavings, kenaf bast fibers (hereafter "kenaf"), and bicomponent fibers are shown in Figure 1.
Kenaf bast fiber bundles (KBFBs) have the potential to replace petroleum-based or glass fibers for fiber-reinforced composite applications due to their low density, high specific strength and stiffness, low cost, reduced wear on the processing equipment, renewability, and biodegradability.
Leading contenders for wood and glass replacement are bast fibers from flax, hemp, and kenaf.
The tensile, flexural, and impact strength distribution and the cost-effectiveness of kenaf bast fiber bundle (KBFB)- reinforced unsaturated polyester composites were studied.
The kenaf bast fiber has high potential as a reinforcing fiber in thermoplastic composites because of its superior toughness and high aspect ratio in comparison with other fibers.
KIST currently is growing about 7,500 acres of kenaf for use in several applications, including the sale of bast fiber for use by an affiliate, Kafus Indiana Bio-Composites, Inc.
Water resistance properties of kenaf bast fiber bundle (KBFB--reinforced composites with either unsaturated polyester (UPE) or vinyl ester (VE) matrices, developed in previous research, were studied.
The fabrication of kenaf bast fiber bundle/unsaturated polyester composites with high (60% to 67%, wt/wt) fiber contents was explored in this study.
V are the chief natural fiber composites manufacturers whereas Stemergy, Bast Fiber LLC, Crailar, and so on, are the key natural fiber composites suppliers in this market.
This paper investigated heat and duration effects on the tensile properties of kenaf bast fiber bundles (KBFB) as potential reinforced fibers for polymer composites in automotive structural part applications.
A typical field size of 600 acres should yield about 315 tons of cellulose hurd and 135 tons of the more valuable four foot long green ribbon bast fiber.
The topics include the physiology and botany of industrial hemp, legislative controls on the cultivation of hemp, integrated quality management for bast fibers in technical applications, hemp in papermaking, hemp seeds for nutrition, chemical and morphological differences in hemp varieties, and the role of hemp in sustainable development.