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strong woody fibers obtained especially from the phloem of from various plants

(botany) tissue that conducts synthesized food substances (e.g., from leaves) to parts where needed

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Bast said he questioned an order to drop a Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays meeting announcement from his paper's community calendar section and was told by publisher Steve Martin, who has also resigned, that the decision came "from on high.
The new rule would require that wherever failure of equipment would have a significant impact on safety, health or the environment, an operator must use the BAST that BSEE determines to be economically feasible, which BSEE could do through issuance of a Notice to Lessees or on a case-by-case basis.
Bast solidifies Triad's continued industry leading use of Information Systems to enhance business process and assure a great customer experience.
The verytoy models made with brightly colourful Lego bricks, I try to find a quiet spot to have a chat with Simon Stansfied Bast, directorof MEA, Mediterranean and Greece at " popular Danish toymaker Lego.
Bast says the area is outside the airport's perimeter fence.
Mummified cats were given in offering to Bast," the famous source notes.
Researcher Robert Bast has uncovered a connection between eclipses and earthquakes, suggesting that the Moon's gravity affects Earth much more than previously suspected.
Joseph Bast, Heartland president, announced the deal this afternoon.
Meanwhile, eyewitnesses told the AIP that four dead police had been taken to Bast hospital and an Afghan civilian to emergency hospital in ambulances.
Bast is principal-incharge of the firm's Building Performance practice.
It falls into the bast fibre category (fibre collected from bast or skin of the plant) along with kenaf, industrial hemp, flax (linen), ramie, etc.
Emotions of Kote differed when other characters joined the story, such as Bast.
The throw grouping pictured here includes the BTEX PL-TC throw (hanging), along with the BTEX PL-TBL (top of stack), the BAST PKA (second in stack), the BAST TOF (third in stack) and the BAST ALM (bottom of stack).
The 49-year-old Walter Bast also regained the use of his right arm after the revolutionary treatment, which prevents brain cells from dying, reports the Telegraph.