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They must have had some phenomenal bassoonists, because these were the girls he wrote most of his bassoon concerti for," Spencer says.
Not content with mastering bassoon, David plays and teaches all the woodwind instruments - flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone and recorder.
A dominant figure, the father had 'Gwyd' playing the piano and the bassoon as a child, leading to his entry into the Royal Academy of Music.
The second movement, an andante moderato, brought with it more melody, albeit on the sorrowful end of the scale, with an otherworldy atmosphere and a winding theme from the bassoon which was replicated in the woodwind, while the finale heralded possibly the first ever solo Carpenter says when he thinks of the bassoon he hears a human baritone voice in his head; a melancholy and contemplative baritone if his concerto, written in topsy-turvy fashion from the middle out, is anything to go by.
New Mozart Orchestra: Conductor Clive Fairbarn, bassoon and oboe soloists - Mozart, Pasculli, Treherne, Vaughan Williams, Haydn.
Bringing the violinist Romana Zieglerova, in to perform with the ensemble was a very happy decision) The bassoon Variations (around 1818) and the horn Quintet (around 825) are fine pieces with imaginatively effective passages, but are rather overshadowed.
But it was a bloodless crime - the victim was decent music and the lethal instrument a bassoon.
Hear Mendelssohn's Elijah in Stockton; the unusual combination of clarinet, bassoon and piano in Middlesbrough; more piano at Darlington; the full glory of the Mighty Wurlitzer organ at Eston; and even sounds for young stargazers at the Planetarium.
Type of participants: Violin, viola, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn and piano.
The first half of the concert is made up of popular pieces such as Mozart's Flute and Bassoon Concertos and Dvorak's Slavonic Dances.
The viewer can then read the score of the clarinet or bassoon music being played at the bottom of the screen.
The Uncalled Four Bassoon Quartet plays music "designed to bring the dead back to life" in a free concert at 2 p.
Young conductor Kazuki Yamada inspired vibrant expression from various soloists: violin, bassoon, cor anglais - never getting in the way of the music; controlling long tutti crescendos perfectly.
ALAN Pendlebury, the RLPO's principal bassoon, describes his instrument as the 'Cinderella' of the orchestra, and wants to urge more youngsters to take up playing it.