basso profundo

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a very deep bass voice

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His commanding basso profundo voice has been described as one of the most recognizable in entertainment history Millions of TV viewers hear him daily announcing, "This is CNN.
Rachmaninoff's sumptuous harmonies, including the demanding basso profundo part, were sung with a full, rich sound, which was enhanced by the acoustics in the cathedral; the required wide range of dynamic shadings was dramatically and sensitively delivered by the chorus.
Jones utter, in his best menacing basso profundo, "I find your lack of service .
Opening track Basso Profundo is startlingly upbeat with Specials-like ska rhythms interspersing the gypsy violins and pumping accordion.
Start it up and the SSR burbles to life with all the basso profundo menace of a genuine good old boy's muscle car .
At some point in the film, the announcer-possessed of a tooth-rattling basso profundo usually reserved for more elevated art forms such as NFL highlight reels--proclaimed, apropos of nothing, that "Chicago ain't no sissy town
I'm not talkin' "loud" here; I'm talkin' explosive; horrific; an Iowa-class 16" broadside that shivered shop windows, hammered the side of my cruiser and triggered hollow harmonic basso profundo rumbles in the wheel well.
The sharp end of the Lincolnshire Lads Cup, however, brought together two pups which really meant business, Basso Profundo and Arbroath Sir.
In 1975, Gus Gossert, a New York disc jockey, coined the phrase based on the constant repetition of 'doo-wop' in so many of the songs," Horn said, in his booming basso profundo voice.
On the other hand, the burden of its didactic content is lightened by humor and witty graphics, and it assembles a lot of hair-raising footage of huge surf, using basso profundo rumbles to great effect to convey the sound of avalanches of white water.
That basso profundo rear-end rumble beat out the oh-so-subtle bubble on the surface of the ocean by a floating pelican in ``Finding Nemo.
COVENTRY chorister Graham Sibley has been a basso profundo at Holy Trinity, Broadgate, for the past 20 years.
Those who worked with him at Music-Theatre Group, where he did Africanis Instructus in 1986, particularly remember his basso profundo.
In a dark, sweet basso profundo, Hancock Rux intones his poetry over hip-hop backing from the likes of Money Mark and Wah Wah Watson.
After graduating from Queen's University, Greene began in radio and his rich basso profundo soon became the voice of choice in countless WWII newsreels and documentaries for the NFB.