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a bass part written out in full and accompanied by numbers to indicate the chords to be played

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Markers of the madrigal style include a fivevoice polyphonic texture without independent basso continuo, fast- and slow-moving subjects combined and contrasted, as well as expressive harmony and text painting.
For that reason, the edition does not contain the added basso continuo, nor the ornamentation (unless directly denoted in the manuscript), and hence it meets the urtext qualities, as required by erudite musicians.
The first cantata is scored for two violins, viola da gamba (cello), five voices (SSATB), and basso continuo.
Concerto a 3 for two sopranos, bass and basso continuo.
The hymns are presented harmonized in three parts including a basso continuo, which implies a two-part treble choir accompanied by keyboard and possibly a bass instrument, thus suitable for women.
But Hadda does not hear the basso continuo of denial and despair that runs through Singer's work, early and late.
Collegium Pro Musica reappears on Benedetto Marcello: Sonatas for recorder and basso continuo; sonatas for cello and basso continuo (Dynamic, CDS 155, rec 1995), although with Piero Barbareschi replacing Sirio Restani on harpsichord and an additional cellist and lutenist in place of violinist Fabrizio Cipriani.
In ecclesiis' is historically important as one of the first sacred pieces to have been given a basso continuo part and a formal organization similar to that of the emerging Baroque cantata.
160), means that pieces with basso continuo such as those in Monteverdi's Book VII, formerly classified as concerto and therefore the beginning of the Baroque style, may now be regarded as madrigal and the last vestiges of a long-lived genre.
Cellist Marc Vanscheeuwijck and organist Margret Gries will provide basso continuo support.
Music for solo instrument with basso continuo is listed here, however, since the bass part is often presented as optional or for a choice of instruments.
BEMF Artistic Directors Paul O'Dette and Stephen Stubbs are both lutenists, so the basso continuo throughout is rich and full, featuring harpsichord or organ, theorbo or Baroque guitar, and sometimes Baroque harp.
The truth, however, is that the viola da gamba has nothing in common with the cello, with perhaps the exception a certain percentage of music, especially the basso continuo, which in many cases can be played either on the viola da gamba or the cello.
On the Instrumentation of the Basso Continuo and the Use of the Organ in Handel's English Oratorios" is a more straightforward account of scholarly investigation which should be of great use to choral conductors, in making decisions about continuo.
Regardless of whether they are scored for solo voice or vocal quintet, these songs are predominately strophic settings of stanzaic poetry in which the voice or voices are accompanied by an instrumental bass part, normally played on a keyboard instrument (the basso continuo part).