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a basket (usually hooded) used as a baby's bed

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a perambulator that resembles a bassinet

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All the babies born at Duke University Medical Center in 1973 were sent home in a cardboard box that had served as their bassinets during their stay in the newborn nursery.
The bassinet was in our bedroom for one night, and since we both just laid there listening to our son breathe, we decided that was not going to work.
A cold bed is a medical equipment that acts as a refrigerated bassinet, allowing babies and children who have passed away to stay in the room with their parents and loved ones allowing the family time to say goodbye.
She told the officer the baby had been sitting in a bassinet when he began having difficulty breathing and bubbles began to form around his mouth, according to authorities.
Infants should sleep in a crib or bassinet with a firm mattress covered by a fitted sheet with no other bedding or soft objects.
The Book Pop-Up stroller gets its name from its ability to fold inward like a book; both the stroller seat and the bassinet can be folded with the stroller's frame.
Although the post's medical unit is unequipped for childbirth, its staff gave the laboring woman oxygen, found extra heating, lighting and medical supplies and even fashioned a makeshift bassinet from the baby scale.
Examples of particular assets include a bassinet that lasts 15 years, MRI equipment that lasts five years, and a mobile telephone that lasts three.
It's best to phone your airline in advance and find out about renting a bassinet, which goes on the floor in front or beside you.
Not arriving in the UK until the beginning of July 2012, this is the crib for all those design buffs out there that have been craving an exciting and unique alternative to the more traditional moses basket, crib and bassinet.
OE OArising from the absence of bassinet facility in first class, Malaysia Airlines will accept infant travel in business- and economy-class zones,O MAS DatoO Mohd Salleh Ahmad Tabrani, EVP-customer experience said.
Wyatt gets his own bed on the tour bus, while Levi gets a bassinet and a crib.
The range also features safe and clean portable 3 in 1 travel cot with bed, changing table & bassinet.