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the lowest adult male singing voice

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Mr Jones, who lived in Llanberis all his life, provided the bass voice of the foursome which later became a trio, joined by accompanist Richard Huw Morris and later Annette Bryn Parri.
The haunting bass voice may have been partly influenced by the association with Nico, who Cohen met while hanging out with Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground when he visited New York City in 1966.
He said: "When his movies used to be sent to Germany, where he was a huge star, they had a German actor voicing him for the dubbed version with a very deep, bass voice.
He sported a moustache and his bass voice complemented the rugged looks.
Among my compatriots at this school I may mention Jimmy Howell, son of James Howell of St Mary Street, then living in the new house his father had built in the Walk, now the Prince of Wales Hospital; the Forsdyke brothers, Bill and Frank, the latter a future Lord mayor of Cardiff; Sidney Case; the eccentric Jack Taylor, son of the still more eccentric James P Taylor, overseer for the parish of St John's, a remarkable man as a walker who knew every inch of South Wales and who, in addition to being a nature lover was a singer with a magnificent bass voice and keenly interested in music and opera.
Robinson, who grew up in Atlanta, attended The Citadel on a football scholarship (he was an all-American offensive lineman) and didn't begin studying singing until he was 30, when his deep, booming bass voice caught the attention of teachers at the New England Conservatory of Music.
Sergeant of Police was a scream with his booming bass voice and incredible repertoire of facial expressions and body language.
Alwyn Mellor as Brunnhilde and Mati Turi as Siegfried made us believe in their devotion by their gestures as well as their voices and Mats Almgren as Hagen projected such toxic badness that you almost felt like booing every time he gave vent to his rumbling bass voice.
I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers," explained Lee, who possesses a booming, classically-trained bass voice.
One of the world's best-known opera singers of the past 40 years, Sir Willard is loved by conductors, musical directors and audiences alike for his rich bass voice, commanding stage presence and versatility.
With his signature booming bass voice, Turner has been setting hearts afire ever since his breakthrough single release “Long Black Train” brought audiences to their feet at the Grand Ole Opry in 2001.
He's already making a name for himself for his rich bass voice and the role of Green Knight in Lynne Plowman's opera Gwyneth And The Green Knight for Music Theatre Wales was written for him.
Sadly, Moreno died young, too young, in 1993 in Nairobi at just 38 years old, just as he was on the cusp of stardom, with an album riding high in the Kenyan charts and a solid fan base throughout East Africa who appreciated his sultry, silky-smooth, bass voice.
Around the time that the post-performance euphoria was kicking in, Santa Claus would suddenly burst in the heavy community hall doors, bellowing at the top of his lungs in a rich bass voice that sounded a lot like Grandpa's: "Ho ho ho
Decca Records conducted a search, along with the composer, Paul Mealor, for a low bass voice and found Tim, who sang in a low E the album, Tranquility, with the St.