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viol that is the bass member of the viol family with approximately the range of the cello

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largest and lowest member of the violin family

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For the better performance of Church Music in the parish Church of Brightwalton the Singers are very desirous of having a Bass Viol (or some instrument) for the use and ease of the Choir, hoping it will not be disagreeable to any of the Congregation & for the encouragement of so usefull an instrument, they had agreed to raise by subscription the money to purchase it.
The festival's final concert is Through a Glass, Darkly, on September 9 with music for bass viol and organ masses by Couperin.
Members of Ensemble Bella Musica include ensemble music director Joshua Shekhtir on baroque violin, Denise Briese on bass viol, Eric Kinsley on harpsichord and Sherril Kannasto Wood on baroque flute.
During the opening days of the Biennale, a gymnast worked the trampoline, placed directly below the fresco, accompanied by an original piece of music for bass viol.
A ground-breaking piece of tone painting in its time, it still grabs the attention in this spirited arrangement for violin, recorders, theorbo and bass viol.
He composed 180 solo bass viol pieces and 67 concerts a deux violes esgales which, according to The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, "regularly defy harmonic rules by using parallel 5ths or unresolved dissonances which are quite unsettling to the ear.
Among adults, we see a soprano blasting the ears off a male quartet who might as well have stayed in bed and a musician at a bus stop considering how to maneuver his overgrown bass viol into the bus.
In two recent Tax Court cases, three professional musicians were allowed to depreciate antique bows and a 17th century bass viol, respectively.
Because the book is dealing with France, the predominance of viol players could be justified by the words of Hubert Le Blanc: "Divine Intelligence, among its many gifts to mortals, shared out harmony: the violin apportioned to the Italians, the Bute to the Germans, the harpsichord to the English, and to the French the bass viol.
Bass quality was very good, with the mid-bass particularly well defined, with excellent transient reproduction, something we do not always see in this price range in vented designs; upper bass reproduction was fine, with only an occasional thickening of the bass viol or kick drums harmonics.
Music for the bass viol, by Marais, Forqueray, Telemann, J S Bach and Boismortier will be performed by Greg Pullen and, on the harpsichord and organ, by Ian Brunt.
Harpsichord solos needed far more imagination and basic musicality to compensate for unavoidable lack of dynamics, but Anthea Smith's bass viol delighted (in both concerts) with reliable underpinning.
Without her, I would not have been put in contact with the Phillip Bates Trust, who kindly loaned me a bass viol.
They are entitled to the type of tunes they prefer; however, please, either keep the volume down or your sun roofs and windows closed as a service to the general public who are not appreciative of ``noise in the night'' - the overpowering sound of a bass viol and the pounding of a base drum, between which there is no orchestral sound to the accompanying thunder.
The concert will feature Renaissance music for viols, recorders and mixed consort of flute, violin, harpsichord and bass viol.