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viol that is the bass member of the viol family with approximately the range of the cello

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largest and lowest member of the violin family

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He also records that his uncle paid 2s Od and his father, William (III), 2s 6d on behalf of the singers towards the purchase of a bass viol for the church band; John Holmes contributed is 6d.
Indeed, discussing the movie in National Review, John Simon writes, "I know of no sounds less bearable than those of baroque music, unless it be baroque music played on one, two, or three bass viols, than which I can think of nothing more base and vile" (54).
16), the taxpayer bought a 17th century bass viol made by Ruggeri (a contemporary of Stradivari) for use in the business of playing the viol professionally.
I record their interest in Shakespeare's use of word-play in MND: one student, unprompted, made the |base and vile'/ bass viol connection, which suggests how readily an Elizabethan audience would have responded.
The concert also featured university professor of music John Bryan, playing the bass viol, a bowed instrument that was highly-prized in the 1500s and 1600s.
Because the book is dealing with France, the predominance of viol players could be justified by the words of Hubert Le Blanc: "Divine Intelligence, among its many gifts to mortals, shared out harmony: the violin apportioned to the Italians, the Bute to the Germans, the harpsichord to the English, and to the French the bass viol.
Bass quality was very good, with the mid-bass particularly well defined, with excellent transient reproduction, something we do not always see in this price range in vented designs; upper bass reproduction was fine, with only an occasional thickening of the bass viol or kick drums harmonics.
Music for the bass viol, by Marais, Forqueray, Telemann, J S Bach and Boismortier will be performed by Greg Pullen and, on the harpsichord and organ, by Ian Brunt.
Harpsichord solos needed far more imagination and basic musicality to compensate for unavoidable lack of dynamics, but Anthea Smith's bass viol delighted (in both concerts) with reliable underpinning.
Without her, I would not have been put in contact with the Phillip Bates Trust, who kindly loaned me a bass viol.
They are entitled to the type of tunes they prefer; however, please, either keep the volume down or your sun roofs and windows closed as a service to the general public who are not appreciative of ``noise in the night'' - the overpowering sound of a bass viol and the pounding of a base drum, between which there is no orchestral sound to the accompanying thunder.
This clef is used in bass viol music and for the lowest of bass voices, but hardly ever in a four-part madrigal.
The splendour of the musical tradition at S Cristina can be inferred from the archbishop's decrees that forbade both the use of musical instruments - other than the organ and the bass viol - and the regular performance of polyphony by the nuns.
The concert will feature Renaissance music for viols, recorders and mixed consort of flute, violin, harpsichord and bass viol.
The 40-strong choir will be directed by Jeffrey Skidmore and will be accompanied by two organs, two theorbos, a bass viol, and a great bass viol.