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the lowest part in polyphonic music

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Lone Rider has elements of ska in the bass part and a country melody.
Regardless of whether they are scored for solo voice or vocal quintet, these songs are predominately strophic settings of stanzaic poetry in which the voice or voices are accompanied by an instrumental bass part, normally played on a keyboard instrument (the basso continuo part).
It is possible to cancel the existing bass part to make up a new bass line, or one can simply add a new part to go along with the rest.
The last two are chamber concertos, or concertos for a group of assorted solo instruments without orchestra; the first is a chamber concerto (identified in its original form as RV 98) that the composer has turned into a concerto for flute, oboe, violin, bassoon, and strings by reinforcing the oboe and violin with orchestral violins and doubling the bass part with violas playing an octave higher.
Thereafter, whenever the band performed their chart-topping version of Bob Dylan's Mr Tambourine Man on TV, Hillman was reduced to miming to session man Larry Knechtel's prominent bass part.
Don Rucks, General Manager of BASS, said: "We are pleased Cialis chose to make BASS part of their marketing program.
When one of Patti Paige's backup singers failed to show up, Lovullo - without rehearsal - sang the bass part for ``Tennessee Waltz.
Surprised commercial fishermen are crying foul, ban supporters - particularly of the striped bass part in this area - are claiming a victory, and state marine fisheries officials have called the order meaningless.
Onstage Beatles Edition is Windows PC-based software that makes use of a V-Pick virtual instrument - picture an oversized guitar pick - to 'virtually' play the guitar or bass part from 25 songs popularised by The Beatles.
The Dust Brothers were producing three tracks; Blum was asked to put a bass part down on a song tentatively titled ``Baby.
MusicPlayground's Onstage Beatles Edition is Windows(R) PC-based software that makes use of a V-Pick(TM) virtual instrument (picture an oversized guitar pick) to "virtually" play the guitar or bass part from 25 songs popularized by The Beatles.
Finally, have one group play the treble part while the other group daps the bass part, and then reverse roles as above.
Commercial over, Keene proceeded to supply a resounding bass part on one of the manuals (the pedal-board has yet to be installed) to Trotter's splendid, sparkling rendition of the famous Widor Toccata.
com/Beatles, is a Windows(R) PC-based software product that makes use of a V-Pick(TM) virtual instrument (USB peripheral) to take over and virtually play the guitar or bass part from 25 songs popularized by The Beatles.
However likely it may be that the Dresden bass lines are by Telemann, Delius's assumption that "the figured bass part in the Dresden manuscript corresponds to Telemann's original version" (p.