bass horn

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the lowest brass wind instrument

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The Australian of 29 January 1836 said that there was no comparison between the bands of the 17th and the 28th `as far as sweetness and tone is concerned', due to the preponderance of bass horn instruments in the band of the 28th.
Instruments played in other bands included flutes, bassoons, key bugles, French horns, ophicleides, serpents, bass horns, tenor and bass drums, cymbals tambourines and triangles(1).
His musical education began with private violin instruction, but while attending Chicago's Wendell Phillips High School and Crane Junior College, he learned to play bass horn, tuba, cello, and eventually bass.
The Gamma 1 is a five-way horn design that comes with eight back-loaded bass horns that have 16 inch Alnico bass drivers; a low mid-range spherical wave horn; a mid-high spherical wave horn with one of the best two inch compression drivers and Alnico magnets and a 0.