bass fiddle

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largest and lowest member of the violin family

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VALENCIA - Slinging a Sharpie in a way that could chill a varmint's soul, artist Ira Gostin signed pictures recently of a colorful bass fiddle propped up against worn wooden shingles.
color) Artist Ira Gostin signs his winning photograph of a bass fiddle for the 2004 Santa Clarita Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival.
They grow alternately along the stems to some, the shape suggests a bass fiddle.
Behind him she saw Joe, and behind Joe two other musicians with instruments, and behind them still others, and in the back, a tall man lugging a bass fiddle.
By the time you get out of Little League, you know how to talk a good game, even if you can't hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle.
Verdun recalled: "Whenever Bob and Jeanne went shopping for a new car, the final test was to assure that a bass fiddle would fit.
Female vocal with piano was very natural, with a forward but realistic presence; bass fiddle not overpowering (only a little smeared despite the absence of room treatment).
Among the stand-outs: Lori Barber, embodying a bass fiddle brought slinkily to life in ``Harlem Nocturn'' and playing a heartbroken third wheel in ``Blues in the Night.
his bluegrass band called "The Country Men," where he played the bass fiddle and acoustic guitar.
Music had a natural sound on an acoustic vocal with finger snaps and bass fiddle, and the sound on the movie Titanic had tremendous impact.
Tommy's interest in music was evident when he was only 3, fueled by his mom's love of country music, the piano-playing talents of his 12-year-old sister, Samantha, and the weekly jam sessions hosted at home by his dad, Edward, an accountant who plays banjo and bass fiddle.
On the Dvorak the 5 Pro had a full rich natural sound, all the way down to the bass fiddles, which sounded like cellos on the ER6.
The ship was titled P4 (known to the sailors as Pinafore) while everyone on stage played musical instruments from alto saxophones and trumpets to trombones and bass fiddles.
They got eight bass fiddles all playing bottom E at once - the players were bored out of their minds by the time we finished.