bass drum

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a large drum with two heads

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Ally: One of the lads we know stuck the sticker on the bass drum a long time ago, and it is something we're proud to support.
A bass drum and a big tuba are better for lower pitches.
Three musicians were playing bass drum, a battered trombone and a traditional flute - a motley ensemble considering the quality of the sound they were producing.
Lang's virtuosic work requires three different resonant metal sounds, eight nonresonant metal timbres (four of which are to be played with foot pedals), two wood blocks of contrasting pitches, and a bass drum played with a foot pedal.
Later, during the 1920s and 1930s, high-hat cymbals - at first less than one foot high and called low boys (Papa Joe Jones told me in 1981 that he invented the longer rod which brought the high hat to its present, aptly named height, but the Leedy drum company stole his idea and took all the rewards) - bass drum pedals, manufactured mounted and floor tom-toms, and larger cymbals came to be included in the drumset.
Nelly is looking for girls that can play marching band snare drum, tri toms, bass drum, tuba and trumpet.
His next target is to learn to play the bass drum, which he says will be a real challenge.
Jazz Manu Katche Manu Katche Sting's drummer's fourth album for ECM is self-titled and opens with just his characteristic playing: easy, open, with a deeply musical groove, a steady high-hat holding the pace while he creates lines with a combination of snare, bass drum and other decorative cymbal tones.
Shine Like A Star and Little Thing Called Pear stayed loyal to their signature sound, with wailing guitar and pounding bass drum.
Leamington-based Thom Kirkpatrick is taking his synth, bass drum, acoustic guitar and Spanish cajon to the Boat Inn, in Newbold, on Monday, April 19.
Difficulty can be easy with some assistance on the bass drum and you can start with just two drums, great for learning but you definitely want to get on to the serious stuff.
The bass drum skin used on the front cover of The Beatles' 1967 album Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
THE iconic bass drum skin used on the front cover of The Beatles' 1967 album Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band sold for pounds 541,250 at auction yesterday.
Luckily, I spotted him hiding behind his bass drum so that the 50,000 strong audience would not be able to see him doing some last-minute checks to his kit
They played loud and clear for nearly an hour, incorporating some gritty rock notes with one thumper of a bass drum.