bass clarinet

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a large clarinet whose range is an octave below the B-flat clarinet

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The music lulled the audience into a state of hypnotized meditation, the bass clarinet seducing the senses into a deepening pool of quietude.
She returns with the same orchestra on bass clarinet on August 14 and finishes her season on August 24 with the London Symphony Orchestra in a programme that includes Shostakovich's 8th Symphony and can be heard live on Radio 3.
In Rotterdam at a world meeting of bass clarinettists he was presented as the father founder of the branch; the organisers saw his concert in the mid-1950 (in 1955 Horak had given the first ever bass clarinet recital in history) as the beginning of the instrument's subsequent rise as a serious concert instrument.
Markus plays the flugelhorn, the silver trumpet and the piccolo trumpet; Tara the clarinet, bass clarinet and the basset horn.
He plays the bass clarinet in the high school symphonic band, and is the captain and a most-valuable-player of the Track and Field team.
Pine, who made his name as a Coltrane disciple on tenor saxophone and then favoured the ability of the smaller soprano saxophone to cut through his reggae-flavoured electric bands here restricts himself to the bass clarinet.
Greco-French composer Iannis Xenakis's 1956 work ST/10 closed the first half - written for 10 instruments including bass clarinet and harp.
Kolker's small-group interpretation of "Aluminum Baby'' featured some quirky intervals on bass clarinet underneath flutist Baum's doleful intoning of the melody at a slow tempo.
15pm) for the second time this year with a programme of music by Leo Janacek and Bohuslav Martinu for flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet and viola.
Each of the 15 scenes has its own timbre and harmonic flavor--a very high flute dominates one scene, the lower strings another, bass clarinet another.
In addition to more traditional instruments, The Silt - a trio known as one of the few Toronto groups to successfully infuse the spirit of experimentalism into pop music - frequently incorporate trombone, bass clarinet, flute, and analogue synth to give them their signature sound.
Dreyfus, and Marcus Miller paid tribute with a musical performance on bass clarinet.
Lead singer Ritchie Young's high-pitched and mysterious timbre adds to the group's intrigue, as does its unique instrumentation, which includes mandolin, theremin and bass clarinet.
Bass clarinet: The Grove Music Online "Bass clarinet" article describes "several current conventions regarding notation for the bass clarinet.
Hardships' cloaked rhythms are rewording for that reason-cobbled together piecemeal from xylophone, dulcimer, viola, bass clarinet and various drum programming, all composed by Wilson-but it's her cascading vocals over this tight puzzle that stand out.