bass clarinet

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a large clarinet whose range is an octave below the B-flat clarinet

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The music lulled the audience into a state of hypnotized meditation, the bass clarinet seducing the senses into a deepening pool of quietude.
She returns with the same orchestra on bass clarinet on August 14 and finishes her season on August 24 with the London Symphony Orchestra in a programme that includes Shostakovich's 8th Symphony and can be heard live on Radio 3.
Bronx Trane is one penned by Matos that serves as a vehicle for the improvisational tire of Frank Fontaine, who is heard on tenor sax and bass clarinet, while Basses Loaded spotlights the talent of bassists John B.
As a student, he landed a gig with veteran bebop trumpeter Red Rodney, the first of many high-profile gigs for the alto/tenor/soprano saxophonist, who also plays bass clarinet and flute.
Markus plays the flugelhorn, the silver trumpet and the piccolo trumpet; Tara the clarinet, bass clarinet and the basset horn.
Visually, the film belongs in the hand-held grunge school, but the music, most of it played on the sax and bass clarinet, brings a haunting mournfulness to the film that is conspicuously lacking elsewhere.
2) The bass clarinet then resolves downward by step, joining the collection.
He plays the bass clarinet in the high school symphonic band, and is the captain and a most-valuable-player of the Track and Field team.
Flute Transparent Piccolo Flute "B" and "A" Clarinet "B" and "A" Bass Clarinet "B" Bass Clarinet "B" Bass Trombone Piano Piano Klawesyn Celesta Cello.
Concerto for bass clarinet, piano and orchestra (world premiere).
Festival regular Pine plans to strip everything right back, playing bass clarinet.
Pine, who made his name as a Coltrane disciple on tenor saxophone and then favoured the ability of the smaller soprano saxophone to cut through his reggae-flavoured electric bands here restricts himself to the bass clarinet.
Over his 20-year award-winning career, Pine has kept his music interesting by exploring new directions, and this venture sees a stripped-back approach in an intimate show which will be just him, his bass clarinet and the musical accompaniment of Mercury nominee Rahman.
Composer Peter-Anthony Togni has won the 2014 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award for Responsio, a 50-minute work scored for solo bass clarinet and vocal quartet that is built upon a pre-existing composition, Guillaume de Machaut's 1365 Messe de Nostre Dame.
Especially known for his innovative bass clarinet and clarinet ensemble compositions, his works for bass clarinet duo, bass clarinet quartet, bass clarinet soloists, and clarinet ensembles have been performed around the world and are radically expanding the technical and stylistic possibilities of these genres.