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staining readily with basic dyes

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Close examination of Wright-stained aspirate smears for rare, large lymphocytes with abundant basophilic cytoplasm containing small vacuoles, as depicted in Figure 1, B, is often helpful in recognizing bone marrow involvement.
Bathymodiolin mussels also have functional digestive systems and, as in shallow-water mytilid mussels, cells of the digestive diverticulae are of two types: basophilic secretory cells and columnar digestive cells.
Six pathologies of unknown etiology were also detected, including hemocytic neoplasia, basophilic inclusions in the digestive gland epithelium, metaplasia of digestive gland tubules, diapedesis, and diffuse and focal hemocyte infiltration.
These birds had severe multifocal necrosis of the liver with intralesional pan-nuclear basophilic intranuclear inclusions.
The blastic type is made up of myeloblasts with round-to-oval nuclei, 2 to 4 small nucleoli, fine nuclear chromatin, and a rim of basophilic, finely granular cytoplasm (sometimes containing Auer rods).
The second, a small secretory cell with highly basophilic stainability, was distributed mainly in the middle fold and secreted acidic mucopolysaccaride.
Results of histopathologic examination revealed the masses were composed of multiple pseudocysts containing basophilic material that was interpreted to be saliva.
The tumor is made up of lobules of hypercellular atypical chondrocytes in a basophilic cartilaginous matrix material.
The cysts were filled with flocculent basophilic, mucicarmine-positive secretions or glassy, eosinophilic, basement-membranelike material (Figure 3).
2B to C) of characteristics: (1) ellipsoidal, spheroidal or polygonal shapes; (2) basophilic to lightly acidophilic staining affinity; (3) bigger size than gonias; (4) high nucleocitoplasmic quotient and (5) boundary cytoplasm-nucleus diffuse.
Basophilic inclusion bodies were seen in the abovementioned organs, as well as in the pancreas and the kidneys of the Verreaux's eagle owl.
No degenerating or regenerating basophilic muscle fibers were seen, and no nuclear atypia or mitoses were noted.
Large immature osteoblasts have abundant, eccentric, basophilic, finely granular cytoplasm; perinuclear hof consistent with Golgi apparatus; and large vesicular nucleus with a prominent nucleolus (Figure 11).
7 [micro]m) nonciliated cell types: (a) eosinophilic cells with an irregular cytoplasmic texture, (b) very abundant goblet mucus cells, (c) cells with strong acidophilic granules, (d) cells with light acidophilic granules, (e) a few cells at the rectal area with very fine basophilic granules and (f) empty cells.