basking shark

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large harmless plankton-eating northern shark

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The Family Cetorhinidae Gill, 1862, includes one extant genus, Cetorhinus Blainville, 1816, and a single living species, the basking shark, C.
Here is what some readers have said about "The Basking Shark Rescue Team":
The MCS said the data provides clear evidence of four 'hotspots' in UK waters where basking sharks are regularly seen -South West England, the Isle of Man, the Isle of Arran, in Scotland, and Strangford Lough, in Northern Ireland.
Aerial fish spotting records (1962-85) in the SWFC data base were searched for basking shark sightings.
Apparently it's one of just a handful of sightings of a basking shark in the North Sea ever recorded.
Among them is the blue shark, the basking shark - the second largest fish in the world - as well as orcas, commonly referred to as killer whales.
Basking Shark Scotland leads swims with wild basking sharks off the inner Hebridean island of Coll.
Brighton was warm enough for sunbathin and'sunbathing - but Scotland's beaches may have been quieter after a basking shark was pictured off Argyll on Sunday.
Although we know a lot about basking shark biology and worldwide distribution, surprisingly little is known about their seasonal movements.
This week, Monty sets out with the Irish Air Corps to observe whales, before being called out to rescue a stranded basking shark.
The 2011 weather won't be neglected either, as Chris Hollins takes a microscopic view of Cornwall's unique climate, getting up close and personal with the basking shark as he dives in head-first and follows an enticing trail of plankton, courtesy of the Gulf Stream.
If you see a basking shark while you are on the water and can call from your vessel, call: (760) 408-7726 or (619) 743-9004.
A 30ft basking shark has died after becoming tangled in fishing nets.