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Synonyms for basketweaver

someone skilled in weaving baskets


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The California Indian Basketweavers Association: A Native agency for change and cultural continuity.
A medieval village has been recreated in the grounds, complete with potters, blacksmiths, fletchers, basketweavers, rope makers and even a rat catcher.
In addition to numerous regional organizations, there also are groups based on a shared ecosystem or cultural practice, such as the California Indian Basketweavers Association, Great Lakes Basketmakers, or Council of Elders.
We've seen the growth of the California Indian Basketweavers Association over the past decade and now it seems to be time for storytelling to be part of that revival,'' she said.
The California Indian Basketweavers Association, for example, opposes the use of herbicides on national forests.
The Hopi Arts and Crafts Guild now has a membership of several hundred silversmiths, basketweavers, potters, textile workers and Kachina doll carvers.