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the craft of basket making

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In the special section of the book devoted to the possibility of basketry and weaving, Chauvet begins by acknowledging that, in the view of most prehistorians, there was no Magdalenian weaving, and there is no question of basketry before the Neolithic.
Arteriors and the Tanner Collection import brass, glass, crystal, resin, basketry, accessories, occasional accent tables, and specialty table and floor lamps.
Both Kaneez & Fateh Bibi are imparting training in basketry to girls in their native village and quite hopeful that they will not allow this tradition to vanish.
Topics also include marketing Olympic Peninsula basketry, the Indian Arts and Crafts Act, and poaching of cedar and grasses used to make baskets.
Forty American folk artists will display and offer for sale works in a wide variety of media, including: fiber, painting, wood carving and wood sculpture, jewelry, pottery, ceramic sculpture, metal work, glass mosaic, basketry, driftwood and gourd art.
Each class will cover a different type of basket, as well as rush seating and basketry and one session on cane seating.
The Tataviam Indians used the naturally occurring asphalt for healing purposes and to seal their basketry.
A gorgeous treasury of lovely Native American baskets, By Native Hands guides readers into the world of weaving and basketry.
Woodfest Wales, now in its third year,includes several new attractions for 2004 -including bonsai exhibitions, a Welsh food hall,art workshops and Eco-Arts displays on willow work and basketry.
This year I chose to focus on basketry as a way to generate new interest in an ancient art form.
Basketry was the major art form of the Mission Indians (so named because they lived near the Spanish missions along the California coast).
For the Egyptian Neolithic and Dynastic periods, NICHOLSON & SHAW present seven articles on inorganic materials (including a very long entry on stones of all kinds), a dozen on organic materials (including basketry, textiles, leatherwork, wood and woodwork, mummification, resins, and a note on ostrich shells), and five on food production and processing.
Forty-three clay pieces from Dolni Vestonice display impressions of basketry and textiles, including one woven fragment that compares in quality to modern linen.
At the junction of roads 225 and 228, you can see the Sierra Mono Museum's displays of basketry and beadwork.
Video magazines available at Mag Rack include American Catholic, Art of Basketry, Best of Mag Rack, Better Golf Club, BirdSight, Classic Cars, Club Vegetarian, COOK with the PROS, Destination: Nature, History of Art, Inside Weddings, Maximum Science, Mission: Space, Modern Parent, Motorcycle Freedom, Healthy By Choice, Photography Close Up, Shakespeare, SportsCamp, Take On Life, The Bible and You, and Wine World.