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the craft of basket making

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Permanent exhibits feature Iroquois paintings, carvings, stonework, basketry, and beadwork.
Ninth in a series of juried biennial exhibitions this exhibit is intended to show a broad view, both traditional and sculptural, of contemporary basketry in the United States.
Ascertained botanically in 1843, Muhly Grass Basketry has been handed down through generations, introduced into the low country in South Carolina.
Melinda Ebert (1977) highlights the economic value of basketry among the Basarwa men and women in Botswana.
MERSyN (CyHAN)- Basketry, a traditional source of income using straw, cane or corn stalk in Turkey falls into oblivion with plastic and more economic baskets in the southern province of Mersin's Silifke district.
Woven Identities: Basketry Art of Western North America
The 31-year-old artist taught two groups of young Leytenos how to make wire angels, a craft that was rooted in his basketry skill.
Program Birch bark basketry, presented by Elaine Moe, 2 p.
In addition to needlework, the book looks at metalwork (jewelry and copper/brass decorative arts), furniture, basketry, photography, Deerfield pottery, weaving, netting and tufted work, and wrought iron.
The master weavers focused specifically on spruce-root woven basketry at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian and National Museum of Natural History.
Fujinuma Noboru's Spring Tide brings together a time-honored skill, basketry, and a venerable material, bamboo, to produce an object for visual pleasure rather than use.
National Institute of Design (NID) India is undertaking a project for training craftswomen of rural Africa to empower them through design intervention in basketry making, as part of the India-Africa Forum Summit Action Plan.
This weighty volume is a substantial compendium of knowledge pertaining to basketry and related practices and artifacts in Borneo.
Textile, clothing, furniture, ceramic, pottery, metalwork, and jewelry fall in to decorative arts, along with other miscellaneous categories such as wood work, basketry, ivory, bone, shell, gems, toys and transport etc.
The market offers hand made crafts, carvings, basketry, jewellery and mats amongst many other goods.