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someone skilled in weaving baskets


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of Pennsylvania Museum) have combined their efforts here to write a scholarly history of Basketmaker II and III (Ancestral Puebloan) woven fiber sandals.
Early in the 20th century, Charleston merchants and tourists developed an interest in the baskets' ornamental appeal, and when Highway 17 was paved through Mount Pleasant in the 1930s, basketmakers built stands along the route to sell their wares.
This early period is referred to as Basketmaker, after the Anasazi's fine baskets of yucca fiber, woven tight enough to hold water.
In this publication, the author, a professional basketmaker who formed her own company to market her limited edition basketware, shares a wealth of technical information about her craft.
Two free tours are available: self-guided mezzanine tour anytime the Homestead is open and a floor tour led by an expert Longaberger Basketmaker.
Basketmaker Phil Bradley, from Deanscales near Cockermouth, built the living hide by planting willow whips.
Another helpful source of information is Canyon de Chelly, Its People and Rock Art, in which Campbell Grant writes, "In the lower Pecos region of Texas, near its confluence with the Rio Grande, there are caves decorated with large polychrome human figures similar to those of the Canyon de Chelly Basketmaker era.
Mrs Garrett Wright, who teaches her craft to children with special needs, went to Nepal last year to enhance her skills by working with a basketmaker in a Nepalese village.
These are relatively short at approximately 116-160 cm in length, and many, particularly those from Basketmaker deposits, would have weighed as little as 45-90 grams.
Visitors will have the opportunity to try basketmaking first-hand with a very special Longaberger Make-A-Basket experience where they may create their own Longaberger basket, complete with bear tacks, with the guidance of a Longaberger basketmaker.
I think it would be great if I knew who received my basket," said Basketmaker Allison Hershberger.
NEWARK) Once Again, Longaberger(R) Is Selected As Basketmaker
It would be special to know which celebrity received my basket and knowing that he or she appreciates the craftsmanship of a Longaberger basket," said Basketmaker Jay Smith.
NEWARK) Once Again, Longaberger Is Selected as Basketmaker to the Stars
The Hiraeth area was a quiet haven, with potters, and basketmakers alongside artisans working away with wood and slate.