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the score in a basketball game

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It's too much to expect a basketball score again, but there should still be profit in buying the total points tonight.
We've gone from a basketball score to this inside a week," he said.
His side certainly delivered, producing something resembling a basketball score in a 47-28 opening-round loss to Wigan.
A side who get bowled out for between 80-100 should be described as having up totalled up a basketball score.
If you keep searching for NCAA basketball scores, local traffic conditions and news on the Washington state mudslide, she will start to proactively display fresh data about those topics prominently.
Quick checks of the Omaha and Long Beach sites didn't reveal any sign of pro basketball scores, although the Omaha site did feature dog racing results.
The higher the hoop in which the basketball scores, the more points the robot's alliance receives.
SMT's Data Operations Center (DOC) in Durham, North Carolina serves as the centralized hub where basketball scores and statistics from each tournament are integrated in real-time.
As the Spanish season kicked off, staff in the Sky Sports studio were predicting basketball scores for Real Madrid's opening game at home to Deportivo.
The integration of live basketball scores and statistics from each tournament site will take place at SportsMEDIA's Data Operations Center (DOC) in Durham, North Carolina.
Sounds like a set of lucky lottery numbers instead of some recent area girls' basketball scores.
Delivering college basketball scores and statistics over the Web in the form of an easy-to-integrate Web service is another example of laying a data foundation from which innovation can thrive," said Bob Brauer, CEO and president of StrikeIron.