basketball hoop

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horizontal circular metal hoop supporting a net through which players try to throw the basketball

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I knew the idea of putting a basketball hoop on a mug was a good idea when my friends copied me, said Max, now 11, who received a patent for his design this past spring.
There is a basketball hoop for kids at Malthouse Lane Park (above) and (left) a view of Windmill Pool
We pull west into our driveway, the waning sunset silhouetting the basketball hoop on this unseasonably warm day.
Debuting this spring, the sandals mark de Pinto's return to softer material, with cords of elastic in electric blue, taupe and sunbeam yellow lacing through thick soles of orthopedic foam, looking something like a basketball hoop tangled in a pool noodle.
Extra warehouse space has been used for a handball court, a basketball hoop and a workout room.
A garden ornament in the shape of a giant red stone toadstool was damaged along with a basketball hoop, when yobs scaled the school p erimeter to carry out the wrecking spree.
A knackered basketball hoop at one end, a gymnastics horse missing a leg, and a sadistic PE teacher leading gruelling routines of squat thrusts and star jumps.
THE first Western Union Filipino Club Basketball Hoop Camp for under-12 Filipino players will begin today with grassroots basketball development programme at the Muharraq Club gym in Arad.
I had a neighbor who put a regulation basketball hoop on the sidewalk, making the street where I live a de facto basketball court.
For her efforts, Shakila has bagged her school a top of the range basketball hoop and signed balls.
With an adult's help, cut a basketball hoop and tab from a clean, plastic two-liter bottle, as shown.
STATE FARM'S red and white logo is hanging from basketball hoop stanchions in more than 40 U.
I remember watching the power of his legs lift him up to the basketball hoop, and I cheered each time, jumping out of my seat thinking always, "He's my friend.
The eleven works in the recent Hammons show at Zwirner & Wirth ranged from Untitled, 1987, a basketball hoop and backboard mosaicked in bottle caps with bottle-cap and Super Ball extensions to Untitled (Basketball Drawing), 2004, which is played as much as drawn by "dribbling" a basketball on paper to generate a dynamic abstraction.
Ehrat took an old metal basketball hoop and added a magnet and a John Deere cultivator spring to create what is known today as the breakaway basketball hoop.