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In boys basketball games, Pleasant Hill at Creswell, Harrisburg at Chemawa and Santiam at Central Linn were all postponed.
The reception will be held 90 minutes before the start of the highly-anticipated celebrity basketball game between Bryant's Team Black Mamba and the Real Madrid Basketball Legends.
When you combine all the noise that we listen to during a basketball game, the intensity of that noise -- from the pep band to the crowd, the PA system -- can reach levels that are damaging to our hearing up to around 115 decibels.
Becks appeal: David enjoys a courtside seat at a previous game POUTING Posh Spice looks absolutely thrilled to be taking in a basketball game in LA with hubby David and son Cruz.
It seems to be quite a large snack for a basketball game though.
If you had said four years ago he'd play in a varsity basketball game, I'd say stop lying because it will never happen," Ryan's brother, Justin, was quoted as saying in an AP report.
Using a model of hot-hand behavior and computer simulations of basketball games based on the NBA data, Burns estimated that a professional team that follows the hot-hand rule scores one extra basket every seven or eight games.
Reporter Stephen Jardine said: "Our engineers explained a live link-up for a basketball game, which can last three hours, would be extremely expensive.
SEOUL, South Korea -- The world's first online basketball game, Freestyle Street Basketball from JC Entertainment is now officially serviced through www.
13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- IfOnly, an experiential marketplace that helps raise money for not-for-profit organizations, announced today that they have partnered with Roc Nation and their chosen charities, PitCCh In Foundation and RC22 Foundation, to offer an extraordinary VIP experiences at the Roc Nation Summer Classic Celebrity Basketball game.
14 Southern Oregon 93-84 in overtime during a Cascade Collegiate Conference men's basketball game Saturday night at the Morse Event Center.
London, May 12 ( ANI ): Barack Obama and George Clooney defeated Tobey Maguire in a star-studded basketball game on the morning after the 15-million-dollar fundraiser at the actor's Los Angeles mansion.
But even divine inspiration can't help him as he attends another basketball game.
The facts at this point tend to get slightly murky when trying to decipher how Kelly and USC ended up on different paths after he did his final Trojan broadcast of a basketball game in 2002.
World First MMO Basketball Game "Freestyle" Announced Would Be Launching Open-Beta Service to Attract North American Gamers.