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Senior basketball players and senior cheerleaders were recognized just prior to the Tip-Off of the varsity basketball game.
The two all-male prep schools in Cincinnati made it three quarters through a basketball game before it was stopped because of the slurs being shouted.
The 34-year-old Frenchman, clad in a thermal jacket, spearheaded the basketball game featuring players from the French squad ASVEL Villerubanne and Swiss League pros, according to the San Antonio Express-News.
This project aims to streamline the tasks of basketball coaches, facilitating real-time viewing and analysing the movement of players on the court during a basketball game.
That left more than 30 prep basketball games to be rescheduled, certainly an unwelcome headache for most teams entering the final three-week stretch of their seasons.
The reception will be held 90 minutes before the start of the highly-anticipated celebrity basketball game between Bryant's Team Black Mamba and the Real Madrid Basketball Legends.
When you combine all the noise that we listen to during a basketball game, the intensity of that noise -- from the pep band to the crowd, the PA system -- can reach levels that are damaging to our hearing up to around 115 decibels.
Becks appeal: David enjoys a courtside seat at a previous game POUTING Posh Spice looks absolutely thrilled to be taking in a basketball game in LA with hubby David and son Cruz.
It seems to be quite a large snack for a basketball game though.
Eighteen-year-old Ryan Belflower's participation in Clovis (California) East High's Senior Night basketball game on February 16--the last home game of the season--was a triumph of persistence in the face of severe challenges.
This cartoon comments on the violence that broke out during a recent Indiana Pacers-Detroit Pistons basketball game.
Although belief in the hot hand is irrational, there may still be good reason to heed an illusory hot hand in a basketball game, says psychologist Bruce D.
SUPERSTAR Jack Nicholson paid pounds 50,000 to hire a Scottish Television satellite link so he could watch a basketball game live.
SR Smith is excited to introduce its new SWIM N' DUNK[R] Basketball game for swimming pools