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sports equipment used in playing basketball

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SPORTING SHOW: Sarah Dovey, Daniel Gover and Joshua Bowles with the basketball equipment.
June 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Spalding, a division of Russell Brands, LLC, and the world's largest basketball equipment supplier, today announced the Spalding "Arena to Driveway" contest, which aims to find the NBA fan who most deserves to play on professional basketball equipment.
Huffy Bicycle Company is a unit of Huffy Corporation (NYSE:HUF), the world leader in bicycles and home basketball equipment, and a leading provider of retail services.
Thanks to Lifetime Products -- the world's leading maker of home basketball equipment -- you can practice your 15-foot jump shot and killer crossover dribble in your own driveway or backyard.
mails two questionnaires to a nasketball Council is an association of some 85 companies that manufacture and distribute basketball equipment and accessories in the U.
a former NASA and DuPont materials scientist, and his team, intend to shake up the play ball and soccer equipment market in much the same way their Neverflat(R) technology, licensed to Spalding, revolutionized basketball equipment.
Thanks to Lifetime Products -- the world's leading maker of home basketball equipment -- future basketball all-stars can hone their skills and achieve hoop dreams on driveways and backyard courts everywhere.
July 24 /PRNewswire/ -- WebCollage, a leading provider of Web content integration solutions for manufacturers and their channel partners, has announced that Spalding, the world's largest basketball equipment manufacturer and supplier, is using WebCollage's turnkey Web content integration solution to seamlessly integrate complete, up-to-date marketing content to its retail partners' Web sites.
The company's tennis and tennis court equipment products include windscreens and accessories, nets, net posts, benches, court cabanas, court accessories, divider netting, backdrop curtains, protective padding, customized logos, volleyball equipment, basketball equipment and tennis court lighting.
ABA) (BULLETIN BOARD: ABKB) has selected Spalding, the world's leader in basketball equipment, to produce the famous red, white and blue basketball used by the ABA in all official games.
Spalding, a division of Russell Corporation , and the world's largest basketball equipment brand, sponsored a series of World Record initiatives throughout NBA All-Star 2006 events.
The world's largest basketball equipment brand, Spalding, will utilize its revolutionary new basketball to demonstrate its uncanny ability to sustain consistent performance under extreme pressure.
Spalding, the world's leading basketball equipment provider, is looking to establish a global messaging platform that will serve as a foundation on which to build communications across multiple channels.
Tenders are invited for Supplu of Basketball Equipment Requirement for 2015-16:Basketball 7 size,Basketball 6 size,Skipping Rope,Ring Net,Foot Air Pump,Basketball trolley ,Score Board ,Agility Harness,Agility Ladder ,Weight Plats,Rod,Complete Digital Scoring System ,Folding Shads on sitting Arena of Players and Officials Water Polo and Basketball),Sitting Benches Official Tables for Basketball ,Training Weight Jackets.
It includes tennis, golf and basketball equipment and was developed in a partnership between the hospital's charity trust and Fisher House.