basketball backboard

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a raised vertical board with basket attached

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Basketball backboards should not be lowered to a level at which the face may come in contact with the net, especially in children younger than fourteen years.
These old spirituals are like a basketball backboard in my mind.
Some examples: graphics that are molded into a basketball backboard instead of being silk-screened.
The plane brushed a roof rafter and changed course, ending up passing through the basketball backboard though a small gap.
The simplest pool addition is a basketball backboard at one end of Suzanne and Jerry Flynn's Los Angeles lap pool.
Spalding's MP3 Portable Basketball Backboard System has been named the 2007 ION[R] Sports Product of the Year.
99): This 23-inch flat-screen wide screen HD-Ready LCD Television resembles a basketball backboard complete with an LED shot clock on the front of the set that keeps the time.
Tenders are invited for Basketball Backboard Systems - Requirements Contract
The money in question is an annuity worth more than $1 million that Haun received in compensation for injuries she suffered as a teen when a basketball backboard fell on her head at a high school in her hometown of Port Hueneme.
Since then, the company has used structural web for the chair base, a basketball backboard, and shelves.
The money will be garnished from an annuity Haun received as a teen-ager when a basketball backboard collapsed in a high school gym, striking her on the head.
She lost weight and kept it off after falling into a three-day coma when a basketball backboard collapsed on her head at Port Hueneme High School.
In another, sport brand Nike designed street trash cans attached to basketball backboards to persuade people to use the bins.
The project, which required 51 hours and 14 helpers, included painting all skating surfaces and the park's merry-go-round, shed and basketball backboards.
Final use of these aluminum profiles can be found in security detectors, basketball backboards, solar panels, ski racks, automobile and thermal applications.