basket weave

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a cloth woven of two or more threads interlaced to suggest the weave of a basket

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Asha basket weave throw, pounds 100, and knitted cushions, from pounds 38 each, from www.
In my experience not a lot of kids these days know the difference between bean plants and ice plants, not to mention the reverse ice or even a basket weave.
While continuing to offer the STX Plain Black and STX Hi-Gloss finishes, Safariland now also offers the new STX basket weave finish for all holster and accessory models which are currently available in STX Black.
All pieces in the basket weave collection are available in a choice of unfinished maple, oak and cherry wood selections.
Pearl Weave" is a traditional basket weave with a pearl bead edge; "Pizzazz" is much more contemporary, with a design of zigzags and curls.
The most-requested cake finishes are basket weave, chantilly (which resembles really fine lace) and elegance (created by piping butter cream up and down the cake with a border cake-decorating tip), said Plusko.
For example, her charts show that half-basket and basket weave are utilitarian Roman cloth-types; tapestry and silk are luxury imports (p.
On the front of the new note, to symbolize the swirling movement of shoals of fish, local basket weave designs are projected, while the shown depicts indigenous fauna and flora such as an iguana, lizard and snake.
We see less resin and more natural materials such as glass, grasses and ceramic," said Rick Spicer, vice president of sales and marketing, and its natural basket weave lamp introductions were well received at the show.
K-Force is available in the same finishes--plain black, basket weave and hi-gloss--as Gould and Goodrich's well known leather duty gear.
Check out these two versions, third and fourth down, from Accessorize - one diamond weave and one basket weave.