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of leaves or flowers

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In this context, Sell (1980) suggested that the enrichment axes flower basipetally while the inflorescence branches develop acropetally.
Transported basipetally (downward) it is believed critical to stem elongation and to be a principal controller of the development of lateral branches.
the 1Br spikelets are initiated basipetally and end in a microtip (truncated long branch); while in other cases, such as in species of Cynodon, the 1Br spikelets are initiated amphipetally and end in a terminal spikelet (Liu et al.
1991), in which the ray flowers are initiated basipetally, yielding a bidirectionally initiated inflorescence.
In a few even more extreme examples, some condensed heads mature neither acropetally nor basipetally and thus seem to have no discernable pattern of maturation at all.