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of leaves or flowers

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In Vicia the position of the nucleus in relation to the tip is controlled by centrally located microtubules; the basipetal migration of the nucleus, however, appears to be controlled by actin microfilaments (Lloyd et al.
The initiation and differentiation of secondary branches may be acropetal, basipetal or amphipetal.
These data suggest a model in which basipetal auxin transport from a leaf either blocks movement of a growth-stimulatory signal (possibly cytokinin in nature) or initiates a movement of a growth inhibitory signal into the leaf from lower plant organs.
It was, however, established that after the application of Vit D, or IBA a relationship exists between rhizogenesis and the number of leaves left on the cutting after the treatment, Vit D, has no effect on the basipetal transport of sucrose suggesting that the mechanism may involve IBA (Pythoud et al.
The direction of flower initiation is basipetal, at least on ultimate branches.
Some capitula, however, mature in a basipetal or centrifugal pattern (Cronquist, 1977; Payer, 1857) and are then logically termed "determinate inflorescences" (Classen-Bockhoff et al.