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(classical mythology) a serpent (or lizard or dragon) able to kill with its breath or glance

ancient brass cannon

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small crested arboreal lizard able to run on its hind legs

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Let him who calls me wild beast and basilisk, leave me alone as something noxious and evil; let him who calls me ungrateful, withhold his service; who calls me wayward, seek not my acquaintance; who calls me cruel, pursue me not; for this wild beast, this basilisk, this ungrateful, cruel, wayward being has no kind of desire to seek, serve, know, or follow them.
Next Sunday the Tribe of Abalone Eaters will descend upon you here in Bierce's Cove, and you will be able to see the rites, the writers and writeresses, down even to the Iron Man with the basilisk eyes, vulgarly known as the King of the Sacerdotal Lizards.
Without softening very much the basilisk nature of his stare, he said impassively:
But to be quiet with such a basilisk before him was impossible.
He looked on at these dinners when the bosom was not there, as he looked on at other dinners when the bosom was there; and his eye was a basilisk to Mr Merdle.
Iguanians include horned lizards, flying dragons, and basilisks.
Then you see zombies, skeletons, Medusa, headless horsemen, even basilisks.
Once on a time the heart, a sure compass voyaged by torrid demarche, to the Land of Basilisks, Neros tarnished Judges, Dementia enthroned, Commissars born thumbs down.
Among the families are Dermochelyidae: leatherback sea turtles, Emydidae: basking and box turtles, Alligatoridae: alligators and caiman, Gekkonidae: geckos, Corytophanidae: basilisks, and Varanidae: monitors.
And you have talked with Basilisks, and you have looked on Hippogriffs.
Foils and Fakes: Manufactured Monsters and the Dragon-Slayer" illustrates that Straparola does not linger in his descriptions of deadly basilisks and dragons.
The children followed him into the computer to rescue him and met a variety of fantastic creatures, including gryphons, trolls, basilisks, unicorns, mermaids and dragons.
But you can read the hieroglyphs on the great sandstone obelisks, And you have talked with Basilisks, and you have looked on Hippogriffs.
By way of contrast, the Potter refuge -- Hogwarts -- is a grim and frightening place, harboring poltergeists, menacing ghosts like the Bloody Baron, basilisks, duplicitous wizards, three-headed hellhounds, and a creepy night watchman, among others, and set amidst forests teeming with threatening monsters.
Eventually, the crocodile "awakens a dreadful host of wild semi-legendary animals--griffins, dragons, basilisks, sphinxes .