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(classical mythology) a serpent (or lizard or dragon) able to kill with its breath or glance

ancient brass cannon

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small crested arboreal lizard able to run on its hind legs

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Let him who calls me wild beast and basilisk, leave me alone as something noxious and evil; let him who calls me ungrateful, withhold his service; who calls me wayward, seek not my acquaintance; who calls me cruel, pursue me not; for this wild beast, this basilisk, this ungrateful, cruel, wayward being has no kind of desire to seek, serve, know, or follow them.
He appears by his modest and unaffected narration to have described things as he saw them, to have copied nature from the life, and to have consulted his senses, not his imagination; he meets with no basilisks that destroy with their eyes, his crocodiles devour their prey without tears, and his cataracts fall from the rock without deafening the neighbouring inhabitants.
Sgt Potter, who also served in the Battle of Britain, took part in the rescue of 200 service personnel from HMS Basilisk when it was sunk by German aircraft during the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940.
The Razer Basilisk brings a sensitivity clutch to the Razer lineup of gaming mice to give you an extra edge in FPS games.
Among the 245 other illustrations in the book is one of a basilisk, the snake-like monster Harry encounters in The Chamber of Secrets.
How was I to know what was rupture from the good yarn the basilisk still with her poison in the tumbling after-days.
Those who know what the only antidote to Basilisk venom is, or the symbol for Gryffindor house, have a good chance of winning.
Browne debunked these and many other myths, but he also believed flying horses and the basilisk might be real; that some elephants have "written whole sentences"; that we all have guardian angels; and that the Devil tempts us (98).
ovimonsensis, the researchers found it was an offshoot of ancient iguanian lizards, which today include Old World chameleons, iguanas and anoles in the American tropics, as well as the water-walking basilisk lizards.
Among the terms are azure, basilisk, brazen, carnation, cherubim, counterfeit, disrobe, emerald, fancy, Giulio Romano, gorgon, idolatry, jewel, likeness, pencil, raven, silence, tongue-tied, wanton, and wrought.
During 30 years service, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his part in the Dunkirk evacuation of May 1940, during which his ship, HMS Basilisk, was sunk.
For Aries and Basilisk cultivars, the reduction in water potential was less expressive, in the treatment with water deficit compared to others cultivars, in the Aries cultivar noted that both treatments with addition of P, values of [DMP.
In a hard-fought contest that brought out some exciting and path-breaking bursts of student innovation, Team Basilisk from Tunisia, Team Night's Watch from Tunisia, and Team Vanguards from Bahrain triumphed the Innovation, World Citizenship, and Games categories, respectively, earning them the chance to head to Seattle to represent the Arab World at the 14th Imagine Cup World Finals in July.
El Grupo Basilisk integro varios fondos para adquirir activos del Instituto para la Proteccion del Ahorro Bancario, ademas de haber creado Basilisk Imobiliaria.