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a ruler of the eastern Roman Empire

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The goddess presides over a pretrial or anakrisis, effectively assuming the duties of Archon Basileus (the magistrate who would have presided over an Athenian investigation for homicide); Orestes and the Furies consent to her arbitration.
It is therefore accepted that basileus and basiliskos were in fact used in Nubia as synonyms.
Even the disappointment of a truncated Order IV, seen without the concluding three reels--the first segments of Eros, O Basileus, Chornion (an undated and previously unseen film of the Aesculapian ruins on Kos), and Twice a Man--which could not be printed in time, failed to diminish the triumph of the event.
They then work through a number of Proust's works and ideas that did emerge onto celluloid, including Schlondorff's Un Amour de Swann, Ruiz's Le temps retrove, Akerman's La captive and Carpi's Quartetto Basileus and le Intermittenze del cuore.
to understand him exclusively in Jewish terms in defiance of Christian tradition (Jesous Basileus ou basileusas, 1929-1930).
One particular monument could perhaps be connected with the relocation of the Agora: Camp notes briefly that there are problems with the date of the Stoa Basileus in the northwestern corner of the Agora, but does not return to the topic in the section on the Agora.
Sometimes referred to as the king of herbs (the name is derived from basileus, which is Greek for king), basil has fragrant, bright green leaves on 6-inch-to 2-foot-tall plants.
As its Latin and Greek names indicate (respectively, basileus, emperor; and regulus little king), it is, explains Vloberg, "le roi des serpents": "Il a le venin dans ses yeux qui peuvent tuer comme la foudre et qui fascinent l'oiseau en plein vol.
Dorsey Miller, grand basileus of Omega Psi Phi, says the 86-year-old fraternity moved its headquarters from Washington, D.
feast of Tabernacles," he heorte ton Ioudaion hi skenopegia, 7:2), or when it speaks about religious customs ("the Jewish day of preparation," ten paraskeuen ton Ioudaion, 19:42), or when it speaks about their land ("into the land of the Jews," eistin Ioudaian gen, 3:22), or when it speaks about individuals as Jews to separate them from non-Jews ("Jews have nothing to do with Samaritans," ou gar sugchrotai Ioudaioi Samaritais, 4:9b), or when it uses stereotyped phrases ("the lung of the Jews," ho basileus ton Ioudaion, 18:33, 19:3), it is clearly not using the word in a manner that needs to concern us.
The Aria Minis, Ionic, Fortis, and Basileus lines are the core products.
Other incorporations were largely of films with little movement within the frame: Eros, o Basileus (1966); the first half of his previously unseen film of Delphi; and Sorrows (1969), a study of Wagner's house.
basileus, [LANGUAGE IS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "emperor") within the purview of greater Caucasia.
In Italia Spinotti ha creato le luci per le originali atmosfere di film come Quartetto Basileus, Interno berlinese, Sogno di una notte di estate, La leggenda del santo bevitore, L'uomo delle stelle; in America ha lavorato con Michael Mann, Garry Marshall, Paul Schrader, Michael Apted e Curtis Hanson (per il cui film L.