basilar membrane

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a membrane in the cochlea that supports the organ of Corti

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In term of signal decomposition the most important part of the ear is cochlea where basilar membrane with a sense cells is located.
Longitudinal pattern of basilar membrane vibration in the sensitive cochlea, Proceeding of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America, Vol.
Consequently, local stimulation of nerve endings along different parts of the basilar membrane according to the place theory would be needed [19-20].
Now, Holmes and his colleagues are developing mathematical equations that describe how the ear canal leading to the eardrum influences sound waves and how specialized hair cells embedded in the basilar membrane convert mechanical movement into electrical signals.
The basilar membrane has different thickness and width along its length which induce frequency dependent location of maximum amplitude of vibration on the basilar membrane.
Recent studies have determined the relationship between the progression of characteristic frequencies along the basilar membrane [9] and the comparable frequency versus position map of neurons in the spiral ganglion [10-11].
The scientists suggest that the contractile proteins within these unusual cells pull on external fibers that are attached to the long, spiraling inner-ear structure called the basilar membrane.
A mechanism of transformation and decomposition of signals is based on special mechanical behaviour of the basilar membrane at what sense cells are located.
5] It has been proposed that these bubbles disturb the propagation of the traveling wave of the basilar membrane.